Cloud Migration and Its Types


As the business continues to grow and the technological processes improve, there is an automatic growth in the companies that migrating to the cloud. This process of moving services and apps to the cloud is the basic definition related to cloud migration.

The enthusiastic companies that are more inclined towards cloud migration as a perfect example of the amount of money as well as resources that improve their operations.

Here, we are going to shed light on the basic concept of cloud migration and its types.

What do you mean by cloud migration?

Simply put cloud migration is regarded as the implementation of cloud computing. Moreover, it is the process of transfer data and other tech-related business procedures from a legacy structure to the environment of the cloud.

In addition to this, it is a phenomenal transformation in the IT domain of the business as it proffers adequate services for the growing requirements of the businesses. On the flip side, moving data and files o the cloud needs preparation as well as planning in deciding on such an approach.

The other side of Cloud migration through Ellucian migration transfers from cloud to cloud. Let us move forward and know more about the types of cloud migration that everyone should know before deciding on the same.

Kinds of Cloud computing

The process of cloud migration establishes a huge concern in businesses as well as the corporate world. The type, as well as degree of migration, may differ from one venture to another. While some specific organizations may go for a complete migration, others may not in favor of this and want to keep it on-premises.

However, some others need to opt for more than one sort of cloud service. Additionally, the adoption degree and other related parameters segregate Cloud Migration. Some of the most commonly used methods of cloud computing by the Ellucian Migration have given below.

  • Lift & Shift
  • The Shift to SaaS
  • Legacy App Refactoring
  • Re-platforming

The Bottom Line

At the end of the basic definition of cloud migration and its types, we found that the migration is a reliable option that is a good deal for the growing business. Cloud computing is a way to enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting and enhance the site as well.

The migration of the cloud allows flexibility and also, brings all benefits of the cloud to a great extent.