Implementing the workforce analytics trends


The significance of the workforce analytics is well recognized by the majority of businesses but various managers and owners have no idea of implementing these analytics in practice. Some of the trends that have been identified from workforce analytics are as follows.

Employee well-being: If you want high productivity from your business then it is important to have a happy and satisfied workforce. The well-being of the employees is important and as per one of the reports that was published recently, the employees that suffer from burnout are about 63% more likely to go on medical leaves. These employees are also more inclined to change jobs which leads to higher turnover rate of manpower.

One of the solutions for ensuring that the employees don’t burn out and maintain high levels of productivity, is by monitoring the computer activities of the employees through the various products provided by work examiner.

Work model integration: With an increasing number of employees now preferring remote work, it has become a necessity for companies to manage the remote work culture efficiently. This can be achieved through the features provided by Controlio that integrates various teams, into cloud based solution for the monitoring of productivity. The various roles can be assigned and the settings can be adjusted accordingly for complimenting your organizational structure.

Going beyond HR: The workforce analytics delivers critical data related to various departments for making informed decisions. The work examiner products allow to connect various departments for tracking user productivity, setting security alerts, and analyzing the efficiency of numerous tools and databases.

Remote monitoring tools

With remote work becoming the norm due to Covid-19 pandemic, it is important for companies to implement effective structure for ensuring high productivity. According to the source of buffer report in 2021, almost 96% of the employees who were essentially forced into working from home, would want to continue that work setting even beyond the pandemic.

With such great demand for remote work, it makes sense for the companies to use monitoring tools for regulating the performance of the employees from their homes. The Controlio provides excellent monitoring features and generates reports related to productivity for each of the employees.

Work Examiner provides a host of tools and office workers monitoring software for efficient monitoring of the employees. This goes a long way in boosting the productivity of businesses. Due to its pioneering features, work examiner has become one of the most reliable and trusted destinations for monitoring tools and software applications.