One of the Securest and Most Convenient Ways of Sign In – Fido Account


People live in a highly connected, fast-paced world in which everything must be quick, reliable, and convenient. Almost everybody uses apps to create an online presence across various social media sites, as well as to take advantage of the convenience of purchasing goods and services online. Securing user accounts and verifying user identities are becoming increasingly important as more people go online and use multiple apps, particularly in situations like account sign-in and online transactions. 

A way to add local biometric authentication for developers

To supplement password protection, HUAWEI Quick Identity Online (FIDO) allows developers to add local biometric authentication and online identity verification to their apps. HUAWEI FIDO uses the FIDO2 Client, which is based on the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Authentication specification, to provide online identity verification. To ensure user validity during account sign-in and payment, the FIDO2 Client supports both roaming and platform authenticators. FIDO2 Client allows for online identity authentication, which helps HUAWEI FIDO improve the app’s password protection and ease of use. 

The FIDO2 Client’s seamless software integration will aid developers in integrating HUAWEI FIDO into their applications. There are two steps to integrating the FIDO Account of the Client with their app. The first is a registration procedure, while the second is an authentication procedure.

A most convenient way of sign in to HUAWEI 

Users must traditionally sign in to their HUAWEI IDs by entering their IDs and passwords, which is inconvenient and time-consuming. To make sign-in easier, the HUAWEI ID is increasingly adding more authentication options to meet the needs of different users. FIDO offers password-free fingerprint and facial authentication, freeing users from the inconvenience of conventional password-based sign-in while also reducing the possibility of password leakage. Furthermore, the device integrity check and key verification method are used to ensure that the authentication results are safe and effective.

The FIDO2 client is included with FIDO’s software. Using FIDO2 and a third-party FIDO server, people can create a safe and simple password-free authentication feature in their app. The FIDO Alliance introduced a robust authentication system by the European GDPR. After signing in to their HUAWEI ID on their computer, users can allow fingerprint or facial authentication and sign in quickly. This makes complex authentication with multiple sign-ins on the same computer much easier.