Different Factors of the 3 Most Used Household Electrical Appliance


Fruits and vegetables are mainly composed of water. However, the humidity in the refrigerator is never enough to keep them well, all the more so if the appliance uses ventilated cold, a dry cold that dries out food. Salad, for example, “shrivels”, loses its texture and color. Preserved at around 0 ° C at the Best refrigerator and in a very humid environment (around 90% humidity), fruits and vegetables keep longer.

  • By adjusting the temperature, it can be finely adapted to the food you want to keep, for example, some exotic fruits can be stored in the refrigerator, but rather at 6 ° C.
  • On some refrigerators, the top of the vegetable compartment is honeycombed to keep the atmosphere humid, the droplets are trapped in the cells and then redistributed in the compartment rather than evaporated.

Products kept up to three times longer according to the manufacturers’ promise! They retain their color, appearance, texture, vitamins and nutrients, while limiting the growth of bacteria. The storage times announced are stunning, making a vegan swoon: not far from 20 days of storage for a lettuce, almost 70 days for carrots, more than 50 days for grapes.

The Perfect Washing Machine and More

For the Best washing machine in the area of noise level, new progress has been made: motor insulation, anti-vibration systems, in particular at the final spin,particularly appreciable when the washing machine is in a living room. You will no longer have the impression that the washing machine is an airplane ready to take off.

Although it’s no secret that a washing machine consumes a lot of energy, you can always opt for a prepaid lights system so you’re in control of the energy usage on a daily basis, plus, if you have an energy-efficient washing machine, this will reduce your bill even more.

The energy label of a washing machine: how to read it?

  • The design and functionality of a washing machine, 2 essential selection criteria.

The care of the linen, here we come to the determining motivation! It is a veritable “spa” of linen which is offered today by the most upscale machines which can brew very dirty linen in a tonic manner but also rock it and massage it for better respect for the most delicate.

Do you have very diverse textiles, but also the desire to save time and the desire to machine wash everything, sporting goods such as fine lingerie? In this case, it is obvious that you expect versatility in the programs from your next washing machine. Note that the manufacturers have considerably improved this component, especially with the new drums which now display materials, a general shape, or a shape of the cells adapted to the different operations required, with new engines.

The AC Machine You Would Love to have

For buying the Best AC if you want to make more precise calculations than the approximate estimates we have seen, in fact other variables must be taken into consideration, one of all the heat loss of the house.

For example, in a house not recently built with poorly insulated windows, surely the cold air supplied by the air conditioner will tend to dissipate very quickly, without generating real comfort, but weighing (and how) On the electricity bill.

In-depth analysis: BTU / h and Watt: what they are

  • BTU / h and Watt are two units of measurement for power.

BTU per hour (BTU / h)

  • It is a unit used primarily in the United States and Great Britain.
  • A BTU / h is the power needed to raise the temperature of a pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.


  • Watt is the unit of measurement for the power of the International System.
  • Cool with an air conditioner, with one or with multiple splits
  • A split, is nothing more than the internal unit of the most common fixed system air conditioners,
  • where the pump that operates the air conditioner is usually placed outside the house,
  • while the split circulates the air – more or less chilled according to the default settings – inside the house itself.