Smartphone Security: 5 Things you should avoid


Smartphones have become a very important part of life for almost everyone nowadays. People can’t think about spending a single day without there smartphones. They keep themselves so engrossed in the different apps and games in the technology that they forget that they should be aware of most of the caveats.

To be safe on your side you must take care of some of the crucial things to secure your smartphones and avoid the following points:

Be Sceptical:

Be suspicious of the apps you unknowingly tend to download. Cyberattacks increase because of the lack of knowledge among different people. You should avoid downloading apps from unknown sources or any third party site. You must always download applications from Google Apps or App Store to be on a safer side. You can also view the ratings on the app before downloading it. Go through other pieces of information about the app such as the app description, app rating, reviews on the apps, and it has found that many a time there are grammatical errors in the description which gives a clear cut hint of fake apps. Be aware before making harm to your self.

Public WiFi:

In the internet generation, everyone is out of data pack daily. People get a lure to the open or public WiFi and start using it. But are you aware of the consequences that it can bring to you? Public WiFi’s are not safe, as cybercriminals can steal the unencrypted data.  Further, there are chances that hackers can steal your personal details such as your data, emails, phone number, credit card details and so on. Never make transactions using public WiFi.

Encrypt your data:

Always encrypt your important data and files to protect it from hackers. So in case if unfortunately your phone gets stolen, the hacker will not be able to get access to the files to hamper you. And one can also remotely delete data from their phone. One can also download mobile security software from a trusted company to protect data to some extent.


Keep yourself and your smartphone both updated. Updates are available to safeguard your phone which include security patches and fixes, and shut down different vulnerabilities. And you must be up to date regarding the latest scamps and warning signs.

Use Strong password:

Almost all individuals ignore and don’t give importance to the fact of strong passwords. They also tend to use passwords such as 12345, or abcde, 98765 and so on, which are easier to be hacked. You also must not use the same passwords everywhere, it is very dangerous, it becomes easier for the hackers to figure out. A lot of technology and email security experts suggests to set up two-step verification including Thierry LeVasseur, a Vancouver-based technology and email security expert. Thierry Levasseur is a technology entrepreneur and business leader who has a number of patents to his credit, specifically related to e-mail security and data leak protection.