Encourage your Kids to learn to Code – Here is how? 


Coding is looked at as a complicated computing process. We can blame this on the many movies we see. They depict coding as a way to hack systems, or break into networks or build software. But at its basic, coding is one of the most fun logical & reasoning activities for people of all ages. Many schools today helps kids start to code at an early age. This makes them better aware of problem-solving methods and becomes increasingly comfortable with the use of computers. 

There are ways coding can help your child:   

  • Train the Mind to Problem-Solving

Use of computers and the deep understanding of how code works can help the brain understand the many layers to a problem. At an early age, the mind is more adaptable to new techniques. When kids code at a young age, they are made aware of the nature of computer-programing. They learn how math is an essential tool for problem-solving. Many schools use a game to learn coding. This just makes learning a lot more fun. 

  • Encourage Creative Thinking 

The beauty of coding is that it is not a series of memorized formulas. They are steps that blend in one after the other to give results. This allows kids to expand their mental horizons. When it comes to bookish knowledge, there is enough room to memorize and replicate. When you learn to code, you realize that every problem has many solutions and each can be reached in multiple ways. This provides room for creative thinking. 

  • Teach Patience 

Children have a high affinity to pick up tasks and abandon them when the results fail to show. Coding is an activity they will find hard to drop. Since it takes a lot of steps to derive small solutions, they often work their way until the end. This teaches them an important lesson on patience. Unlike most other hobbies that kids can indulge in, there is winning or losing. With code, when you hit a dead-end, you can always find your way back. This further helps to build resilience. 

  • Prepare them for the future

When we say the future, we do not mean a career in computer programming. Since the world around is so technologically dependent, the future will be worse. It’s a good idea to expose your children to the grassroots of technology before they are tossed into the real world. Understanding the bases of technology allows kids to appreciate it a lot more. 

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