How to increase your conversion rate in 2020 with social proofs


Every online business owner has one goal, i.e. to convert most of the traffic. But it is not quite easy. You cannot just right away convert people. You have to go through a lot of prerequisites to make sure that the people you are targeting would convert.

Why traffic does not convert right away

There are several reasons why your traffic is not converting. Increasing the conversion rate is an ongoing process. But here are some of the reasons why most people do not convert:

  • You started posting ads directly on social media platforms that lead to a landing page and you do not have a website, blog or fan page yet.
  • You are trying to sell directly on your landing page.
  • You do not have enough social proofs. People do not buy from strangers.
  • You are not using cognitive biases or your sales copy is poorly written.

What steps you must take to increase the conversion rate

Increasing the conversion rate, as said earlier, is an ongoing process but you must cover all the prerequisites first.

  • Most important of all, get yourself a website or a blog so people must know where to find you. It would increase your credibility that you are someone legit.
  • Build social proofs. Create a Facebook account, a Facebook fan page, an Instagram account, LinkedIn account, and Twitter account. Reply to people in those accounts if they send you any texts.
  • Do not try to sell on the landing page. Work on a funnel. 
  • Stay active on social media platforms. If you are busy, you can try different apps or services that help you in scheduling your posts. Your content will be posted automatically.
  • Hire a good copywriter or take a crash course in copywriting. A good sales copy would convert ten times better.

Cognitive biases to increase conversion

You can also use different cognitive biases in different parts of your funnels to increase the conversion rate. These biases affect human’s subconscious mind and are really helpful to increase brand awareness and gain people’s interest and trust.

How to use cognitive biases

You can use them in your ads. Offer people something for free if they click on your ad and provide their personal information. Always offer a discounted price. Always give a time limit that if people miss the deadline, they would not be able to enjoy the discount.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to increase your conversion rate easily.