Facts about web hosting


Web hosting is a service which enables user to display its website on internet and make the most of it. However, to make sure that web hosting is performed appropriately, it is important that you opt the best professional services in town. Out of multiple choices available in the market, it is a good idea to scroll through Nixus and find out how professional services are being offered and what benefits can be enjoyed while availing the same.

Types of hosting services

The modern web hosting industry offers different kinds of services, however to make sure that you choose the right one it is important to gain sufficient knowledge about each one of them and then make a learned decision.

  1. Shared hosting: It is one of the most commonly used form of hosting because of it being economical. While opting for services, one should keep in mind that the performance of your web shall be influenced by other popular websites running on the web.
  2. Dedicated hosting: In this form of service, you rent a physical server which is located within company’s data center and gives you full control of the computer. It gives you the freedom to configure and install operating systems. However, don’t forget that the responsibility of technical support also lies on your shoulder.
  3. Managed hosting: This is similar to dedicated hosting; wherein physical server is rented in hosting company. The only difference is; client is not responsible for managing the server instead it is taken care of by the hosting company itself.
  4. Colocation hosting: It is one of the most expensive forms of web hosting, wherein website owners do not share or rent out their computers. In this case, hosting companies are chosen as data centers, in short, the owner has full control over the website and is capable of making any changes they want or need to do.
  5. Cloud hosting: It is newest form of hosting and has gained quite a lot of popularity since its inception. Herein multiple servers are being used, which means that responsibility of managing a website is distributed between servers ensuring that website can be operated smoothly without any hiccups. Moreover, it keeps extracting backups, hence you need not have to worry about loss of data, as in case of loss data can be restored very easily.

Final words

While variety of hosting services are offered in the market, the ultimate decision lies in your hands. Before you opt for a service, make sure to understand your requirements and finally go ahead to make a choice. You can even choose to take assistance of professionals nixus.com.au who can guide you to the best hosting services in the market suiting your needs and requirements.