Five Tips For Applying Customer Onboarding To SaaS Products


Doing local digital marketing for a local market

An example is to do digital marketing in Hong Kong for a website and/or a web application. Let us go through the five tips.

Tip 1: A proper and well planned customer onboarding process does not only include knowing the desire/objective of your customers, it is also about the data that can reflect their behavior and engagement when using your SaaS product. The end goal of a professionally developed SaaS product is to help your local Hong Kong (HK) based customers to achieve their specific goals, including adoption of the product, more upsell completion, and more. Not all businesses are created identical. What you have to do is to track and determine how well your customers could have progressed through your well designed onboarding milestones.

Tip 2: You can deploy an onboarding specific survey. This is to direct the attention of your customers to your SaaS product. Also the main reason behind is to obtain the necessary/important feedback (and hopefully with suggestions). What you would usually see in the survey questions is to let customers rate with a scale of one to ten. The feedback and/or suggestions are then analyzed/reviewed. The appropriate updates and improvements can be made to the missing details of the product. Start with a Hong Kong locally based representative person and have him/her call your customers to take the survey.

Tip 3: Customer engagement should include multiple touch points inside and outside of the product. This allows valuable opportunities to connect with customers, create experiences which customers may expect, and position your sales team for any future new upsell opportunities. Customer engagement with your SaaS product may include login activity, feature adoption, feature usage, abandonment (during the initial onboarding process), and more.

Tip 4: The SaaS revenue model is definitely different to the ecommerce consumer based revenue model. Within the SaaS community, many times a customer has signed up a paid a service, would not simply stop there. Some of the customers would upgrade to a higher plan, some would buy more add-ons, and some other would even purchase a second service from you that is not complementary to the first.

Tip 5: Many digital marketers and/or salespersons may think after bringing the user to the product’s website, and getting the user to sign up there, the part of their job is over. But it is far from over. The end goal is never there, but it would extend a long way. For example, a user who has signed up but did not become active is not a good sign. An intermediate goal or the first milestone would be for the new user to actually spend time using one of the key features within the product. Another example is the best scenario for a B2B SaaS product is for the customer to renew the existing plan or even upgrade to a higher plan for a second year, then a third year, and this continues for many years.