4 Android Apps That Will Protect Your Privacy


Big brother really is watching – you only have to read the news to know that. What we do online is monitored by huge corporations and even governments. Is this really the society that we want to live in?

If not, why not take a look at 4 apps for Android that will give you back some of the privacy that is being stolen from you everytime you use the internet.


Believe it or not, mobile phones used to be used for making phone calls. These days, their primary function seems to be overlooked by many that simply use messengers and video calls for their go-to methods of communication.

That said, for those of you that still like to dial a few numbers, there is a great little app called Hushed that can help to keep your real phone number private. It uses a temporary number. This prevents sales teams sharing and selling your number so that you suddenly become inundated with calls from all over the place.

DuckDuckGo Browser

There is little doubt that Google Chrome is an excellent web browser but let’s be honest, it is hardly the most private of them, is it? Google is renowned for collecting data and selling it off to advertisers and governments.

This is why we think that now is the time to move onto a new browser called DuckDuckGo. This browser does not store any data, does its best to block any advertisements on websites and is a lightweight and fast browser too.


Free VPNs generally get a bad name when compared to paid versions but Windscribe is certainly the miglior VPN android on the market. So why do we need a VPN? Well, a VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to browse the internet in complete privacy. You connect to the private network and then connect to the internet from a server location on this network.

This gives you the IP address of that server which means your very own is masked. The connection between you and the server is also encrypted which means that not even your government or ISP will know what you are doing online.


In the same way that Google Chrome likes to keep track of your data, so does Gmail. In fact, many of the main email providers do exactly the same. This is why we recommend trying out ProtonMail.

This email provider is end-to-end encrypted which means that nobody will be able to see the content of your emails apart from the recipients. You can even set sent emails to self-destruct after a certain period of time.


The internet is such a great tool but it has also allowed governments, agencies and companies to track us and keep a close eye on what we are doing. Our every move is monitored and it is about time that we put a stop to it. Grab a VPN gratis android and use some of the other apps above and you will take the steps to once again be in control of your own privacy when online.