Are you looking for a safer, faster, and private way to exchange your cryptocurrency? Then, I am the best platform to exchange your currencies directly to your wallet. The most exciting and interesting feature is it doesn’t require any account creation, just instant access, and exchange happens simultaneously. And also, you can take off your keys in a private way wherein can send transactions directly to your wallet. 

HOW does IT work?

Flyp. me is one of the first multi-currency web wallets which was created for the community. Since 2012, Bitcoin has been developing and the values of our platform are as follows.

  • This is the platform that majorly promotes decentralization and focuses on the community of people.
  • The main focus of is the default of privacy settings it focuses on.
  • One more important factor is it accepts cryptocurrencies at any point in time and it’s the faster way to increase the turnover.
  • Overall, it is termed as an “Accountless Crypto Exchanger” that can be used and operated anytime.

And also, finds out the best way to find out the rates on the market and provides you with the guarantee of a fixed rate. For example,

8ZEC – 0.15 BTC, wherein 0.156 BTC- 19.2236 DCR

Based on the currency you have, you can opt for the one you have and select the one you need. Post which can select the address it needs to get received. After that, you can select for transfer of currency, through which you can receive it.

Therefore, is the cryptocurrency trading platform that exchanges 30+ cryptocurrencies. And exchange happens when you click on the ” Flyp now” Button. And also it is also safer to use a wallet to manage cryptocurrencies. Its therefore always a digital wallet and quite a reliable and safer platform as well. And this platform makes sure it provides a better exchange rate by analyzing market depth and liquidity.