Helpful Marketing Tips to Improve Online Sales


Online sales are more competitive today than they have ever been in the past. If an online retailer does not see the results they hoped for, it may be time to change their strategy or reach out for help from an ROI-driven digital marketing agency in Singapore.

While having the right product is important, just having it available in an online store does not mean it will sell. Proper marketing is necessary to increase conversions and ensure ongoing growth for the business. Some tips that will help with these goals can be found below.

Optimize the Site for Several Platforms

A business owner needs to consider if their website has been tested on several devices. Customers will view a site from different sources, and it is essential to make sure that each viewer has the same quality experience as everyone else. Make sure to check and see if the website functions properly on several devices.

Develop a Simple and Easy-to-Follow Path to the Checkout

Put simply, this means it is necessary to make sure that visitors are not having a difficult time finding their way to the checkout for the online store. Ensure there are not too many distractions keeping a customer from clicking the “buy” button before they leave the page for good.

One way to do this is by using a minimalist approach. This means limiting the design to just two or three colors and avoid the use of heavy graphics or background patterns. It is also necessary to provide an easy-to-find checkout process and never send people off your site with external links.

Offer Customers Free Shipping

Approximately 77% of online shoppers want the option of free shipping. Posting high shipping prices at the checkout can often lead to lower conversion rates.

Improve SEO for the Site

Take time to read up on the benefits of SEO (search engine optimization) and how to use it for an online site. SEO is what Google relies on to find the best sites to display on SERPs (search engine results pages). This means the better optimized the site is, the more people that will find what you offer in their searches.

When optimizing a site, there are a few things to focus on. This includes metadata, content, and backlinks. By optimizing these aspects of the site, Google and searches will take notice.

Social Media

Today, a company’s social media presence is as important for growing a business as the web page they have. By engaging in social media, it helps to improve visibility and increases trust in the products and business. Do not ignore social media as a part of a business’s online marketing strategy.

When it comes to improving the marketing efforts used for online retailers, there are more than a few tips and steps that can be used. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to achieve the desired results. If necessary, work with a third-party professional to make sure the online retail site is found by Google and searchers.