How Can A SEO Consultant With Vast Internet Marketing Knowledge Take A Small Business Forward?


A SEO consultant nowadays is expected to have a vast knowledge base which may include technical, strategic, tools, and integrated marketing. Many Hong Kong small businesses are going from simply a traditional business that rely nothing more than using Outlook emails and Excel spreadsheets to internet & mobile technologies. These local businesses are in need of a consultant who have vast understanding in the internet/mobile era to take the business one big step forward.

The types of technical SEO a SEO expert in Hong Kong may have to understand or even master include page and site speed optimization, concept of code prioritization, content management system (CMS), web hosting, MySQL database management, website security, website maintenance, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, schema markup, web crawling, content delivery network (CDN), implementation of SSL certificates, and more. A SEO specialist with a coding or programming background may have already be doing programming work in languages such as Python or C++ before he switches himself to work on SEO projects. With such a past technical background, it would be easy for him to pick up the work for website development.

On the strategic level, the SEO expert is expected to take full control in these areas that involve SEO KPI setting, keyword research (related to the specific HK business), overall project planning, Hong Kong target audience identification and analysis, content strategy and marketing, opportunity discovery and analysis, building of audience personas, marketing materials scheduling and planning, competitor research and analysis, and more.

The SEO that are most often used for any local Hong Kong business site include Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Advanced Web Ranking, Google Analytics (or another web analytics tool), and more. Within these tools there are data analytics or data gathering tools. As the major projects would be for the Hong Kong local target audience or market, it is best to ensure the tools are capable of reporting data geographically (i.e. can provide data based in Hong Kong).

When the consultant has a vast understanding in other internet marketing channels, the overall marketing would be a lot simpler and more effective. The overall and integrated marketing efforts may have to involve content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, promotion campaigns, landing page optimization, and more. Do not forget that SEO projects can involve many different people or parties. It means during the project planning, task scheduling, and management, it would involve dealing with people. To make it a successful search engine optimization campaign, it will involve the hard work and input of many professionals of different skills.