How Emerging Technologies Affect Your Startup Idea


So you have a great, innovative idea to disrupt an industry and set the world on fire. You could build a website or a mobile app but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll attract any customers. In 2020 we have all sorts of cutting edge technology to help you take your technology to the next level, but learning how to leverage those technologies can be overwhelming. That’s where software development partners like Originate Inc. come in. An Originate Inc. software developer can walk you turn your vision into reality.

Big Data

Big data is an industry term referring to the seemingly infinite amount of data that businesses collect. There’s almost no limit to the amount of information you can collect on customers, competitors, and employees. In our modern environment, collecting data is not difficult. The key is collecting the right data using the right methods. A dataset that paints an incomplete picture is worse than no data at all, so it’s critical that you trust data collection to a team with the right experience.

AI and Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing represent the ability for a machine to make decisions using a wide array of factors much like humans do, including nuanced scenarios that were previously impossible for a machine to figure out. For businesses, that means that big data can be leveraged more holistically than ever before.

AI technology ingest thousands of data points and determine the best solution to a complex problem or help spot key trends in a target population. But none of that is possible without until the proper algorithms have been configured. An experienced development team can help make sure you’re getting the most out of your data and drawing reliable conclusions from your AI processes.

Optimizing Mobile

We’ve known for a few years now that users spend more time on mobile sites than desktop sites. But strategies for adapting to this new paradigm have been slower to develop. Just because we know that we should prioritize our mobile experience doesn’t mean that we know how to do that, or that we really understand how customers want to engage with us on their mobile device.

The constant shift in how users interact with the web, and what they want out of their virtual experiences, can make it tough for you to tailor your site to meet their needs. But using big data, tailored analytics tools, and AI, you can create a mobile experience that meets and exceeds users’ needs. A talented Originate Inc. software developer can help you use 21st technology to your fullest advantage.