What Are The Two Best Networking Components That You Need?


You need a lot of things to set up your entire Networking system. From building networking Firewalls to network access controls to LAN and WAN optimizations, the commotion list is long. You need one of the perfect line-ups for ensuring a smooth performance.

However, finding a perfect line-up is a daunting job. With the overcrowded market having tons and tons of networking components, it is a tedious job to find one. Based on your requirements, it can be time taking to get everything you want.

In this post, let us talk about the best Firewall and wireless access point you can get out there.

Brief Intro To Firewall and Wireless Access Point

Starting with a Firewall, it is a system designated to stop unauthorized access to or from a private network. Implementing a Firewall is possible both on software and hardware modes. Firewalls help your network connection from not getting used or stolen by illegal means.

A wireless access point or simply an access point is a type of networking hardware device. It allows different Wi-Fi devices to connect to a wired network. Either it can connect to a Router, or it can itself become a component of the Router.

The Best Fortinet Firewall Product

FortiGate 100F is one of the best Firewalls present in the market. Brought to you by Fortinet, this Firewall has next-gen Firewall and excellent SD-WAN capabilities. With an internal storage of 480 GB SSD, it comes with 1 GB/sec threat protection throughput 2, 5. Around 1.5 million concurrent sessions are running with over 56,000 new sessions per second, with 10,000 Firewall policies. Having around 600 registered Fortinet clients, it is one of the best Firewall solutions for your line-up. 

The Best Access Point To Buy From Fortinet

The FortiAP 223E is one of the best options to get if you want a proper wireless access point solution. It comprises of 2 Radios, data rates are 400 Mbps for the first one and 867 Mbps for the second. With a total of 4 external Dipole Antennas, the client capacity per radio is 512. It can hold up to 16 simultaneous SSIDs (14 for clients and 2 monitors). This wireless access point from Fortinet is the best for medium-density areas like office or classrooms.

These were two of the best networking components, which you can use for your setup. Both of them are from Fortinet, which is itself a trustworthy brand in the field of networking.