How to play free Pokémon Sword and Shield On Nintendo Switch


We know that After releasing some of the best games in franchise history on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo and Game Freak are finally ready to bring the main Pokémon games .How can we play it for free when it released in November? Should be on a cracked Switch?

The official Pokémon YouTube channel has been dripping feeding us with snippets of gameplay and Pokémon designs too – though not everyone is happy with what’s been shown so far.

How can we play Pokemon Sword and Shied when it will release in November

Only get the .XCI or .NSP file, you can’t play it on your Nintendo Switch console directly by adding the rom to the sd card. If you are without SX OS or Atmosphere CFW on your console, the rom is useless. So in order to boot custom firmware to play the free downloaded Switch games, you must follow the Guide here to hack the console first.

1. Check your Switch hacking status

Not all Nintendo Switch are hackable. Switch consoles released after June 2018 are patched, and currently there is no way to hack it. To check if your Switch is patched or not, go to the site

If you confirm your Switch can be hacked, the go continue.

2. Chose a CFW Switch, SX OS or Atmosphere

The SX OS is a paid CFW for Nintendo Switch, it’s the best Switch custom firmware I recommend because it has a easy setup and unique features than other free ones. The Great features of SX-OS includes direct .XCI(default format of the Switch game cartridge) Installing and EmuNAND for preventing bans.

3. Setup SX OS/SX Pro or Atmosphere on Nintendo Switch

IF you chose SX PRO/SX OS to crack Switch,here are different tuto for you[FR]_SX_Pro_v1.3.pdf[FR]_SXOS_v1.3.pdf

If you chose Atmosphere to hack Switch, you need rcmloader to inject the payload

Here is the steps

  • Format your micro-Sd card in exfat using your PC and then insert it into your console on, it will ask you to restart to create the necessary information, including the Nintendo folder. Then you just turn off your console and remove your card to put it back in your PC.
  • You must extract the contents of the Atmosphere archive downloaded via the link above and copy it to the root of your micro-SD card.
  • You can create an additional folder with the name you want to store the different .NSP files you want. To install them, you will have to use software like Goldleaf or Tinfoil.
  • Insert your micro-SD card and your jig into your console (right side).
  • Then start your console in RCM mode by pressing the VOL + and POWER buttons at the same time.
  • Now that your console is in RCM (black screen) mode, all you have to do is inject the Rocket-Primary payload using a RCM Loader style loadloader or a USB-C cable. TegraRCM software.
  • Your console is now in custom firmware Atmosphere 8.0.1, you can check it in the system settings or the software version is displayed 8.0.1 (AMS 0.8.10).
  • To access the homebrew menu (HBL), you must hold down the R key and select the “Album” application on your console. Your switch is now modified and you just have to install the various software that you want to use by depositing them directly in the “switch” folder on your micro-SD card!
  • If you leave your console in standby without turning it off, in the dock for example, then you have nothing to do!

4. Play Free Pokémon Sword and Shield

When the game release in November. To play .XCI Pokémon Sword and Shield, download the XCI file from the PC to the root of SD card, just launch the Album application and your game should appear. Launch the game by pressing A.

To play .NSP Fire Emblem: Three Houses on your Switch, download the NSP file from the PC to the root of SD card. Open SX OS Album and go to Install menu and install the NSP! Enjoy the game, update or dlc

It’s really a good deal, if you would like play more interesting games in the future on a hacked Switch