Making Money Online Through Simple Ideas


In the present world, it is a feat to make ends meet with regular sources of income. Everyone who is working in 9 to 5 job environment or having their own businesses, look around for another source of income. They don’t want to invest heavily or put in a lot of time either. Now that makes it difficult to generate income in such constricted choices. Still, there are some ideas that if materialize, makes for residual income or they become a commodity that can be sold for good money to someone interested.

Simple ideas

The below mentioned simple ideas are considered good for making easy online money. But a disciplined approach with some fixed hours every day to work on them is necessary to achieve the target.

  1. Creating Online Groups: Many social media platforms give users the facility to create interest groups and add people over there. These groups can be then used to market products or services. Creating one such group and selling something made by someone else to get a commission from each sale is a good practice. Otherwise, selling out a successfully running social media interest group to an interested buyer at a higher price would be a good move.
  2. Online Retailing: Starting a website with a few specialty products to sell online is another way to make earning online. Ensuring that the payment gateway is secure and the product is shipped immediately to the buyer as well as it reaches before speculated date; will give the business owner brownie points. This way, the money reaches directly to the business account and the product is dispatched without any need for physical supervision. Gradually, the online retail store can be expanded and the income would increase.
  3. Odd Jobs: There are many odd job requirement posts on social media such as plumbing, electrical work, gardening or washing car. Gathering people to do such jobs for someone and becoming a catalyst to make the need meet solution; would benefit. All a person has to do is present himself/herself as a contractor and offer to find the right-hand-man or handy-lady to do the job at a remuneration that includes the contractor’s commission as well. Now find the right service provider (individual) from the internet and patch them up. This is more of human resource management, but it will work well for a person who has good communication skills.

There are many simpler ideas that flourish well with a bit of work and time. But it completely depends on a person, if he/she wants to pursue a full-time career in online work or not.