Ingenious Things you can do with CNC Machining


CNC Machining opens up a wealth of possibilities with regards to its applications. Read on to learn about some of them.

CNC Machining is a career path that opens up a literal wealth of avenues and opportunities for professionals to learn skills, improve aptitudes, and be better overall in many of its intrinsic disciplines. It makes it so that you can always apply yourself to other activities that are outside the immediate purview of the field. In this piece, we are taking a look at a few other extraneous things you can do with knowledge and experience in the field of Computer Numerical Controlled Machining.

From majestic set-pieces to frivolous items to toys, here are a few things you can make with CNC machines and machining.

Crazy gear gizmos

Don’t mind the title – many hobbyist professionals have graced the internet with eye-catching pictures of cogs and gears woven into an intricate piece of (functional) art/furniture. Mostly for the sake of design and occasionally serving some use, these pieces turn heads either way and are also a good way to show off to your less technically savvy friends.


Ever wanted to make your own elaborate pin-top spinner? Well, you can. With lazer cutters, machine grinders and a little bit of software design savvy, you can design and fabricate your own very piece of this decadent piece of childhood nostalgia. If you want to actually monetize your creation, kickstarter is a good avenue to get it out into the mass market.

Engraving and customization

Customizing personal items and possessions has never been as popular as it is now and with that said, CNC machining allows this to be possible. Imagine – you have a metal MacBook that with just the apple logo, looks awfully dreary and boring. Want to engrave on it a picture of your pet? You can. Or alternatively, take for instance your favorite fountain pen; you want to attach even more character to it by engraving your fiancé’s name on it. Well guess what? You can do that also. Just be careful not to break the items whilst modifying them.

The capabilities of CNC machining are vast and they can be used in drilling, milling, turning, broaching, deep drilling, etching, honing, jig boring, laser machining, screw machining, swiss machining, jet machining, and super abrasive machining to mention a few. To craft these items, there are a multitude of methods and techniques involved and to give you a good idea, let’s take  a look at some of them.

  • Lathes are machines that cut cylindrical workpieces by rotating them at fast speeds against a stationary cutting tool. Because the cutting action on a lathe is uniform, they can only make symmetrical cuts. Lathes are used in making parts such as shafts and bushings.
  • Grinders/grinding machines are tools used to grind down parts using abrasive wheels as cutting tools. Commonly used for high accuracy surface finishing, they can also grind larger volumes of metal depending on the application. They are typically the easiest type of CNC machine to work with.
  • Electricaldischargemachines (EDMs) remove and form material using an electrical discharge. These machines typically work with hard metals which are much more difficult to machine via other methods.
  • Water/abrasive jet machines use abrasives added to water and propelled in a high velocity to cut workpieces. They are designed to cut and shape heat-sensitive, thin, brittle, or hard materials as they can form intricate shapes.

In conclusion, CNC can be fun both at work and after hours. It is a robust field that can serve as a source of income and a hobby at the same time. Always take the time to think outside the box and apply yourself to the possibilities that the field has to offer.