Is It Worth the Money to Buy Instagram Followers?


It is certain that you believe your content on Instagram is good. But it would be so much better if it seems as if 5000 other people agree with you. It matters if you are wanting to spread brand awareness that you have a lot of followers. And there is one way you can get a lot of followers and that is by buying them.

Questions to answer

There are a lot of services that are available allowing you to buy Instagram followers. For just a small fee you can instantly have 1000s of followers. But if it was that cheap or easy, then everyone would be doing it – so why doesn’t everyone do it? So, the questions that you need to find the answer for:

  • Is buying followers legal
  • Is it safe for your business
  • Is this an investment that is worth the money


It’s legal – but it might not be worth the money. The research will show that when you buy cheap Instagram followers, they are most likely going to be bots or accounts that are inactive, so they will not be engaging with your posts. And that means your posts will not show up on Explore pages or on real audience’s newsfeeds. And it will also make it extremely hard to measure metrics. These are not going to be loyal, long-term, or active followers so while it is safe for your business – there is no growth.

Real followers

Of course, you might be thinking that if your account shows much followers – just a number – it might get other people to consider your content of business and become real followers. And that might work, but then again do you want to spend money on something that just “might work”? There are other ways to get real followers and you need to research to find what those ways are. The number one way is having content that people are interested in.