KENT CamEye Added To the Safety with Its New Driving Orientation Feature


Countries around the world drive either on the left-hand side of the road or on the right-hand side. In some countries, including India the left-hand driving rule is followed, and thus the vehicles are designed with driver’s seat on the right side. Similarly, the USA and a few more countries drive on the right-hand side of the road with steering controls on the left-hand side.

Therefore, KENT CamEye dash cam cum GPS tracker has been upgraded with the feature to set the orientation of driving seat while creating the profile. It would add to the convenience of monitoring your vehicles and the activities happening inside if you are using KENT CamEye in your fleet system or your chauffeur driven cars.  To get the advantage of this particular left or right-hand driving orientation function, you need to first complete a small step while setting up your device.

Since, those having the less than ten numbers of devices subscribed, can configure them with KENT CamEye mobile application. Hence, while setting up the profile for each device, you need to select the driving orientation at the same time. Likewise, if you have more than 10 devices installed with their access on fleet management portal, then you can set the orientation for individual devices during the integration. Simply, click on the toggle icon to choose the side of driving.

This left or right-hand driving specification in KENT CamEye dash cam cum GPS tracker helps with the proper working of unknown driver alert feature. It uses the technology of face recognition and matches the driver’s face with those whitelisted in your device’s memory. With no match found from the list, an alert is being sent to your mobile phone letting you know if someone is driving your vehicle without your consent.  Hence, no matter in which corner of the world you are, this vehicle security device with LHD-RHD system would remain functional with all its attributes streamlined to provide with seamless services.

Now, let’s see where this LHD and RHD system could support with the unknown driver detection alert.

Keep watch on your fleet business:Once you hand over the keys to your driver, you hardly get to know if it is in the hand of someone known to you or not. It is something very common that happens in fleet organizations, across the world, however ethically this is not acceptable. That unknown person can use your vehicle for own purpose, putting you under the burden of fuel or other maintenance costs.

So, whether you are in a country with left-hand side driving or right-hand side driving, KENT CamEye installed in your vehicle easily identifies the person on driving seat. It then immediately sends the notification to inform you that some unknown person is driving your vehicle. The image is captured and recorded, which can be seen later in the trips analytics section of the fleet management portal. Moreover, you would have evidence in the recorded time-lapse video using which you can ask your driver for an explanation, whom you had initially given charge of that vehicle.

As a parent, keep an eye on your party lover children:  Young children often take the car to go for parties or long drive with their friends. To make their outing a fun, your child allows his/her friend to drive who might go unruly without giving a second thought of road safety. The moment, someone else other than you child takes the steering wheel, you get the alert notifying you with the same. You can then live stream the inside view of the car to see if they are driving safely or not. You can remain extra conscious and can keep an eye on them.

Get alerts for intruders:The driving sides could be different around the world, but the nature of crime on the road is more or less similar. Therefore, your family member driving late night or alone, makes you worried about his/her safety. Crooks on way can obstruct the driving and can snatch away the vehicle by threatening of life.

With KENT CamEye vehicle security device installed in the car, you cannot only stay connected to your loved ones but can get alerted during emergencies. If someone intrudes in the car and get hold of the steering, you would receive the alert for unknown driver. You can then instantly take call and action to safeguard your loved one is trapped in the problem.

Hence, whether its left-hand side driving or right-hand side, KENT CamEye dash cam with GPS tracker will impart all its benefits to ensure the safety of your loved ones and security of your vehicles.