Makross is the fastest Windows user interface in the world!


Makross is the best Windows user interface in the world. It offers instant access to your all files and folders, programs, web links and configurable shortcut keys for all your programs and games. When you click on the particular button on your mouse then the makross menu pops up right at your cursor’s position.

Makross is easy to launch programs, trigger hotkeys, fire sequences of events and much more. Everything is in the click of the mouse. It is the faster radial menu that is designed to enhance productivity and increase your windows user experience. 

    • Immediate availability: at the click of the key, makross will show. You no longer needed all those desktop shortcuts or to remember all those complex hotkeys for your favourite programs.
    • Customizable: makross provides customizable services at affordable prices. 
    • Hotkeys & shortcuts: software can be complicated and if you want to work fast, memorizing all those keys for each application needs a lot of thought. 


  • Link to everything: to add links to your folders, programs and files; just drag and drop them onto makross. Make individual links and jumplists easily. 
  • Infinite commands: make as many folders as you like. Each command containing a set of 56 commands. A single command can also be jumplists consisting of many file links. 
  • Auto mode: makross can analyze what program you are working on and magically adjust the set of shortcut commands available to suit the situation. You don’t even have to think. You can customize the shortcuts for each individual application. 


Development progress of makross 

  • Instant access: when we have all the features ready and constant then it will be available in early access program at a significantly discounted price. At this time, it will continue to add extra features and iterate based on user feedback.
  • Release: makross will be available at full price. It will be featured comprehensive and ready to use by everyone.
  • Post release: it will continue to make free product updates based on user feedback. It involves additional command packs and additional packs.

Makross are very useful as it provides instant access to files and folders, web links and configurable shortcut keys for all your program and games. 

Additionally, the software is available to purchase here: