Video call plays a significant role in our life. People use video call in day to day life or one can say on a daily basis. People use video call to communicate with their loved ones or with their relatives.  Not only for these purpose have people even used it for the interview purpose or many other things. Now in the time of corona virus people are using it the most and almost in all types of work. Like school are using it for the purpose of the teaching and to provide the lecture to their students at home only. Office people are using it even for the meeting purpose and the interview and other office work. So, video call is playing a vital role in our life. But to make a proper video call between the two or more one should have a proper internet connection along with properly functioning and compatible webcam and a microphone. Having a good internet connection is not that big problem. As good internet connection can be achieved by different company simcard and can be checked easily by different internet speed tester. But the main problem arises with the microphone and webcam test.

For mic test and webcam one may have to look thoroughly on the internet as computer shops are not that much often open in covid -19 crises. So one of the appropriate way to for mic testing and webcam testing are is to go the online mic test and online webcam test. On the different websites different types and set of instruction are provided for mic test and webcam test. Like one of the simplest mic test for mic are to press the mice icon present on the website then after clicking on it a pop will come asking for the permission to use mic. You have to click on the allow option. Then they will instruct to speak something in the mic. After you speak you will see the straight line having some vibration in it. If there is no vibration in the line then your mic test has failed. These problems occur may be due to the incompatibility of the mic with the system or may be mic is damaged. Same procedure is for the webcam test on the websites but a little difference from the mic obviously. For the webcam test the set of instruction will be mentioned on the website. When you follow them you will get to know the functioning of the webcam. Instruction will be simple and easy. First you have to click on the webcam icon appearing on the screen then pop will come and allow it. After that if your picture appears on the screen then your webcam is functioning properly as well as compatible. But if it isn’t that your webcam be incompatible or may be broken or something. These online mic test and webcam test not just only test them but they also give you the possible solution to make them work.