Game-based learning is the act of designing interactive learning activities and digital games are the modern version of game-based learning. Quiz games are a well-known form of entertainment and game-based learning. They are knowledge games in which the people attempt to answer questions correctly. Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire are the best-known television game shows which feature quiz competitions and entertain people. It’s fun to sit at home and watch these shows, but i think playing quiz games are more funny than wasting time by watching television.

You will find a lot of quiz game sites on the web, but there are not that many quality sites where you can browse a large set of quiz questions and play competitive games against your friends or family members. If you know lots about history, sports, movies, geography, music, literature, etc. and love to play  trivia quiz games, here are the top 3 quiz sites which i like them for their quality.

  1. Whoknowmore : A well-designed and very competitive quiz game site. The questions are categorized by seven categories. 12 questions are selected randomly from the database and asked all contestants. You can play single-player or multiplayer games. The website is totally free. If you love to play games with your friends or family members and trust your knowledge, this site is for you.
  2. PaulsQuiz : An excellent site, offering plenty of quiz questions from a wide set of categories. You can look up quizzes by category but also by keyword. If you need top-quality, well-researched quiz material, you are at right place. It has a membership plan which grants access to the Premium section of the website for six complete months.
  3. Funtrivia : They define themselves as World’s Largest Trivia and Quiz Website. They should be right. Funtrivia is active for 25 years. The site includes multiple subcategories under multiple categories, million of questions from easy to hard. If you haven’t visited this site till now, you can’t say you are a quiz lover.

If you don’t like desktop computers, notebooks, smart phones, and tablet computers but old-style gaming, than trivia board games can meet your needs and make you to feel happy. The iconic board game “Trivial Pursuit” is beloved by trivia quiz lovers.  The other game “Smart Ass”  is the perfect party game for people who love to shout out answers.

Have fun and keep learning!