PGO: Best Mobile App to Search Hostels in India


If you move to a big city seeking facilities for educational needs, job opportunities, and better living conditions, the first thing you do is find a place to stay. And nothing is easier and simple than seeking accommodation with a hostel or PG. But with the ever-increasing demand for PG accommodation, however, availability, price, and rental rates have become an underlying issue for India’s new age population.

It’s a fact that finding a hostel or PG accommodation in a new city with quality facilities is as hard as it can get.  We have to set sail for endless trips around the city which are often met with unfruitful talks with greedy real estate agents and brokers. What PGO is trying to bridge this gap between good hosts and the needy accommodation seekers. Hand them a platform where both can interact with ease and comfort. The user gets the services and amenities as he/she wants which often fall far short than expectations. And the hosts maximize the potential of their properties.

PGO algorithm allows hostel and PG seeker to approach and talk to PGO verified property owners. Also, the user can contact PGO customer care directly and close the deal without the interference of the middlemen.

PGO provides budget-oriented Hostels for students and professionals with sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, have shared rooms.

Few hostels may offer short-stay accommodation as well.

PGO makes things easy, with three simple taps the user can book their favourite living spot. The app lets you search hostels/ PGs and all kinds of pg accommodation near you. It details everything about the property of choice from- Bed sharing, rent, mess food items, etc.  The user can contact the owner of the property and even schedule a visit to the place to assure.

PGO properties go through the quality of standard check before being accepted to list on the website. Thus far, there are more than 14,017 properties listed under PGO in major cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore, Chennai and Pune, and other 186 cities.

The App is Available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, PGO showcases different categories of accommodation with sharing options and all types of amenities. The User is provided with information such as guest reviews, tariffs and PGO property verification, of the showcased properties.