Playing Bike Unchained 2 and Winning It



Bike Unchained 2 has just landed on iOS and Android. For the occasion, we give you some tips to become the best rider in the world.

Test all the modes and collect the rewards

If you are a beginner, the goal is to reap maximum rewards. How? ‘Or’ What ? By focusing on the classified parts, because each race brings a reward. If you are promoted to the top league, the price will match performance. With the lol smurfs you can now actually win these games and come up with the best enjoyment.

In addition, testing all the modes will allow you to catch rewards and improve your bike . This is also the case if you succeed in the challenges launched by the mentors and meet the seasonal objectives, which are updated regularly.

When you land on the slopes for the first time, it can be tempting to chain the jumps. Big mistake. Even if this technique has proven its effectiveness in slopestyle, it will slow you downhill. To climb on the podium, minimize your time in the air and manage the landing.

For each mode, you will have to use a specific bicycle. If you create a bike dedicated to slopestyle in the editor, it will be automatically selected at the start of a competition. Convenient.

Make the right choices

Bike Unchained has been completely redesigned and is in portrait orientation, so you can play with one hand. How will it impact your runs? Thanks to this new configuration, you will be able to make many decisions in the space of a few seconds: tackle a jump, slow down or go headlong. To become the best, make the right choices.

Improve your bike

In Bike Unchained 2, avoid saving money for the purchase of a rim and improve your bike as soon as possible. Upgrading a component makes it more efficient. A one-star part, for example, can perform better than a three-star part if it has been upgraded several times.

Another tip to optimize your bike: 

Understand that each component can have the same rating but completely different statistics. Test the different rooms to find out which ones will best suit each type of terrain.

Finally, each bike has a special statistic for slopestyle. The higher the score, the more spectacular tricks you can tackle. In short, do not hesitate to upgrade as soon as possible.

Listen to your mentors

To reach the upper echelons on Bike Unchained 2, you’re going to need help. Fortunately, the best riders in the world play a mentoring role and regularly challenge you. Thanks to them, you will be able to assimilate new skills and unlock new components.

In order for you to progress, your mentors must gain levels. But with the unwavering support of Aaron Gwin , Tahnée Seagrave or Thomas Genon , you will have no trouble becoming a world mountain biking star .

Train regularly

Each track has its own specificities and offers several key passages where you can make a difference. To be consistent, train regularly and memorize each course. Especially on complex tracks, like Rock Bottom or Sailor’s Delight. No pain, no gain.