ProNotes Music – Mobile App For Singing & Voice Lessons


ProNotes Music is currently the most popular app for singing & voice lessons.  Its hallmark feature is the ability to integrate traditional music lessons with modern technology. The new mobile app combines voice applications with the latest technologies to offer an intuitive, interactive, and educational tool for anyone who wants who take voice and music lessons anywhere, anytime. The app has incredibly simplified music education, making it an affordable, fun and interactive experience for the modern music enthusiast.

Developed by a voice teacher, ProNotes Music offers real transferrable music and voice training education that lacks in typical programs. It makes it possible for people on a budget to access and enjoy comprehensive singing and voice lessons. The app is innovatively designed to incorporate a combination of incredible features, making it the app of choice for people looking for a combination of tech and voice lessons. ProNotes Music is an ideal app for people who are just learning to sing and professional singers. The app also comes in handy for voice teachers, karaoke lovers, and music schools with limited art budgets. 


Key Features 

Completely customized

The app incorporates a wide variety of genres, tempos, keys, and vocals. This feature allows users to create conditions they are comfortable to sing in. Moreover, users can learn to sing using songs of their choice. 

In-depth learning

ProNotes Music is an all-in-one app as it offers voice training, sight-reading, ear training, and rhythm training. With this app, students can enjoy comprehensive learning that ranges from beginner to the most sophisticated levels.

Competition battle mode

With this feature, users can occasionally challenge each other to a battle to see who gets the highest score. This makes voice lessons more fun and interactive. 

Accurate analytics

This app performs an accurate assessment of your performance and provides you with immediate feedback. This feature allows users to stay motivated if they get a high score and identify areas that need improvements. Using the loop option, a user can highlight problematic areas and repeat them continuously until they can exhibit the best performance. Besides, the app allows users to unlock rewards when they get high scores.

Learn locator

This feature allows users with a public profile to find other nearby singers who are also using ProNotes Music. Therefore, the app can help you make new friends with whom you have a similar interest. 

The app also comes with community features that allow users to access the latest music news and share performances with ProNote friends.   


  • Extremely affordable compared to private voice lessons
  • Makes singing & voice lessons fun
  • Offers both game and education. 
  • Easy to use interface
  • Users can take singing lessons anywhere, anytime
  • Personalized to meet individual needs

ProNotes Music is undoubtedly an outstanding app in terms of app features, usability, and all-round training. It’s an app that provides the best value for money for people who want to learn to sing more effectively and efficiently in a fun and interactive manner. With ProNotes Music, singing and voice lessons are now more accessible, fun, and interactive than they used to be.