Save The Hustle of Locating the Most Favorable Destination to Walk Your Dog with DEX App


Walking your dog can at times be so arduous especially if you are not privy to adequate information about the expectations at your destination. Most of the time, when such is the situation, you are most likely to expose your lovely dog to difficult situations that will make them sad. Why pass through that ordeal and yet we have a friend and partner for you to make informed decisions before getting out of your house to your preferred dog park or trail. DEX App can take away all the uncertainties and give you the utmost confidence and courage that you may need to take your dog to any parks or trails.

The five things that make DEX App outstanding

DEX App - Locate dog park

With DEX App you are sure of having improved security for your dog. Our app preempts all the hazards that may face your dog while at the park or trail including some predators, or other aggressive dogs. We know that the whole condition might be very unsuitable for your pet and that is why we allow you to get improved security alerts through other potential users who may have faced them. With all that security information, you are at liberty to choose where you want to take your dog or not.

There is heightened safety when you use DEX App. You will be sure to come back or out of the park or trail since the app tracks every movement that makes therein. It will guide you to get back to your starting point hence no limit to where you can take your dog. Both you and your dog will be safe throughout your walk.

The location options that DEX App gives you are mind-blowing. There is no need to take your dog to limited places that will bring a lot of boredom. With DEX App’s location search feature, you will access and select a myriad of parks and trails for your dog. Choose more lovely destinations for your dog.

DEX App - Play with your dog in park

If there is an exceptional feature that DEX App has, it is the ability to foster the sense of community. After selecting a certain park or trail, you will visit and sometimes catch up with those who may have helped you in making your decision hence makes you feel part of the wide helpful, mutually beneficial community. At various parks and trails, your dog will also enjoy the community of other dogs by making more friends and reconnecting with the old ones in a safe and comfortable environment.

Finally, DEX App will give you an improved experience. Incidences of fear and anxiety will be a forgone case. There will be only enjoyment in any park or trail you visit. Also, you will be spoilt of choices of places to visit with this DEX App. All you will have now is a swell of a time with your dog at all standards.

DEX App will change your dog walking experiences. Its location features will take away all the bellyaching concerns of finding a safe location for your day out. Use DEX App.