Significance of SEO optimization for the success of dental clinics.


In the recent past, there have been talks about dental practitioners engaging Instagram influencers for Invisalign marketing among other dental products. Even though the use of such influencers for marketing has contributed to an increased customer base as well as their website visitation traffic. I discovered that some dental practices that use traditional strategies such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) digital marketing to rank highly on the various search engines had exemplary performance as well. As of now, all of us usually turn to the internet for various solutions to our problems. Dentistry isn’t any different, the dental clinics’ website that ranks the best is most likely to attract a lot of visitation traffic and subsequently clients as well as revenue for the various keywords.

Why you should optimize your dental clinic.

Research has shown that when people are searching for various things on the internet, they rarely scroll to the bottom of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) before clicking on a link. The higher your website ranks, the higher the chances of scoring more visitors who can be then converted into leads or patients for your dental clinic. Furthermore, Google has made numerous updates in its search algorithm which ensures the most relevant, quality solutions are displayed for the various keywords. This ensures customers’ satisfaction and trust in the top-ranking pages which are a plus for the clinic if the website is among the top of the search results. All in all, failing to optimize the clinic’s website would be a total waste of potential clients which you would have otherwise scored and regardless of how skilled a dentist you are if people cannot easily access you they are likely to head straight to your less qualified competitors.

Basic SEO tips for dental practitioners.

Most of the dentists I have interacted with are usually quite preoccupied with offering quality dental services and as a result, their websites get minimal attention. I usually advise such professionals to outsource their website optimization to SEO experts however if you can spare some time to invest on the website a few SEO tips which you should consider include;


  • Listing on Google maps and local search.


The creation and maintaining of accurate information on your local listing is a powerful way of boosting your SEO ranking and helping your prospective customers to locate the clinic. The goal is always to get new customers to your business and keep those which you already have coming back for your services. Ensure the clinics google maps address, business hours and contact information are captured accurately to make it easy for clients to make an appointment and effectively plan their visits.


  • Use relevant keywords.


Essentially keywords, are terms that people use when searching for information on the internet. Keyword research is, therefore, a very crucial part of optimization and dentists researching hundreds of SEO keywords are more likely to differentiate individuals looking for information from those looking for services and position themselves as the best solution.


  • Make site mobile-friendly.


A significant percentage of searches online are done using smartphones. If the experience on your website via the phones is poor, they are likely to abandon the page which will affect your SEO ranking. Good user experience on the phone however alongside fast page loading speeds will work to your advantage and boost your page ranking which is good for the business.


  • Blogging.


Written content is one of the best ways to create brand awareness, show authoritativeness in the field by the provision of relevant, high-quality articles and add specific keywords that your target audience is interested in. You should however frequently come up with content for your target audience which addresses their specific problems and offers solutions. Furthermore, Google notices articles that are beneficial to searchers and ranks them higher on its search results for their specific keywords.