Xter Texter App – Saves Your Life on The Road and Stops Any Message Disturbances


Accidents on the American roads have been on the rise over the years. Many people have lost their lives due to careless driving. A sad reality is, close to a whopping seven million cases of crashes are recorded every year, whereby one out of four crashes occur because of texting while driving: which is controllable. Fortunately, Jesse Mungia has risen to the occasion to assure your safety while driving without any distraction from your mobile phone notifications by introducing Xter Texter App.

Xter Texter App is an app you can use in your phone to communicate without getting any distraction while driving or that allows you to mind the safety of your loved ones by not texting them while they are on the wheels.

Why choose Xter Texter App

If you are in a place where you would not want to receive messages, having Xter Texter App is the best option. All you need is to create geotag zones for those places in that while you are there, the app will hold any incoming message until you start operating your phone. You can create geotag zones if you are at your workplace, gym, or home.


Xter ensures that you are safe when driving by holding the message as long as you are driving. It allows you to share your speed and movement with your family members and friends so that they can restrain from messaging you. The app automatically blocks messages when you exceed a speed of 6mph.

You should not get worried about missing an important communication through the messages because the app only saves the message and displays it when you start using your phone. For the drivers, the message is delivered in ten minutes after you stop driving.

In short:

  • You will not distract your friend or loved one if they are driving
  • When you exceed 6mph when driving, the app will hold any message until ten minutes after you stop.


  • Your phone still operates even though you are driving
  • You can always use other applications like GPS, play your music when using this app
  • Xter does not need any fee or phone number to install.

The satisfaction you derive when using Xter Texter App

Your mind becomes so peaceful and relaxed. No worry about putting your friend or family member into the risk of getting an accident. At the same time, as a driver, you block any message that might cause you to change your feeling or emotions while driving and shift your attention.

The better part of the Xter Texter App is that it does not restrict other operations on your phone. Xter Texter App gives you the freedom to continue using your phone while you have stopped at the red light or if you are navigating through to a place you do not know well. You can text when not moving, change a song, or use google maps.  

You do not need to alert your friends that you are driving necessarily, Xter tracks your speed and allows them to see it.4
It is so dreadful to see a driver shift their eyes from the road to reply a message or personally, you get disturbed by messages when you do not need them. Get Xter Texter App to stay happy and safe.