Stay updated and keep the data safe with encrypted cloud


Cloud storage is being used often by the users. It has become a need because people are not able to carry storage devices and this service is handy and can be accessed from any place. However, there are ample cloud service providers and this creates confusion. However, there are certain features that help in selecting the best services. 

Automated synchronization- 

Generally every cloud storage service has sync feature but there are very few services like that provide automatic synchronization feature. This service is extremely helpful because it helps in updating the files and it also reflects the modifications that are made in the stored files. 

Apart from this, the devices that are used for accessing this service do not remain the same and in this case the remains safe and updated because cloud services can be accessed from any device. 

Security features-

Security is one of the main features that is required by the users. No one is interested in sharing personal details and therefore it is very important to read the security norms before moving ahead. For better security it is necessary to check that the data gets stores in encrypted format.

It becomes more effective when the service providers allows the users to select the desired encryption keys. Apart from this, these services also provide password protection so that file accessing become more secure and easy.

Support features- 

Technical issues can occur anytime and to solve these issues is not an easy job. A perfect support service is always required while facing issues in cloud services. The support system of the selected cloud service provider must be reliable otherwise it is a complete waste of money. 

The support system must have live chat and call support feature. One to one is the best option because service representatives solve the issues quickly. Apart from this the company must have 24*7 support system.  

Versioning the files- 

This feature is effective and it must be available because this is very effective in editing the documents and the original documents remains the same. In other words, a clone copy can be created and edited. If the user require the multiple copies can also be created.  

There are versions that provide only a limited time period for storing the versions so it is better to go with unlimited ones. Also the retrieving feature is also beneficial for the users in case the file gets deleted.