Best Places to Eat in Sturbridge, Massachusetts for Every Foodie! 


Sturbridge is a quaint little town nestled in Massachusetts. For people who like to visit offbeat destinations, this is a lovely little option to add to your bucket list. With comfortable accommodation options like the Sturbridge Host Hotel, this place is a complete treat for museum lovers. It is most famous for its Old Village Starburst museum, which has plenty of charming Massachusetts history to offer to you. But most people know about the museum. We have curated a list for you, which covers a slightly different aspect of the entire town. Here is a list of top eating places that you can visit to experience some local flavors here: 


  • Cedar Street Grille

    If you want to enjoy a lovely evening binging on some classy International and American Bar food, then Cedar Street Grille is the perfect option for you. People swear by the lovely menu selection and the service here too. Enjoy some stunning calamari if you want to follow our recommendation.

  • Publick House Historic Inn

    Try the killer roast turkey, meatloaf and local pasta that is served here. This place also serves gluten-free and vegan options for people who want to explore these items. It is a lovely fine dining option for you to enjoy.

  • The Oxhead Tavern

    If you want to go back in time, then the Oxhead Tavern is ideal for you. Situated in the Sturbridge Host Hotel, this building was made in the year 1820. It has an enriching history with catholic movements and previously served a lot of purposes for former New England. Today, it serves a delicious mix of local Massachusetts food and some amazing thick juicy steaks as well.

  • The Greenhouse Restaurant

    Another offering of the Sturbridge Host Hotel, this place is perfect for gorging on some delicious breakfast delicacies. It operates early in the mornings and is perfect to start your day with some satiating delicacies. Enjoy homemade cereals, freshly cut fruits and home-baked pieces of bread as well.

  • Annie’s Country Kitchen

    If you want to experience some budgeted eating, then Annie’s Country Kitchen is also another great option for you to consider. Enjoy gluten-free options for all meals of the day. The steaks here are particularly exquisite and you can also explore many different local options here. 


We would recommend the following options for you to consider if the aforementioned options do not suffice:

  • Enrico’s Bridge Oven Pizza
  • Churchill’s Village Eatery
  • Sturbridge Seafood
  • Whoopie-Doo and Cupcakes
  • Apple Barn Cafe
  • Sturbridge Coffee House

If you want to experience luxury dining, then we also recommend the Sturbridge VIPs Lounge located in Sturbridge Host Hotel. It is open in the evenings daily and you definitely can head here for some light appetizers and fun drinks. This place has all kinds of options to offer to you. Right from luxury to budget eating to really cheap getaways, you can take your pick and enjoy any meal you like here.  All in all, there is plenty that this little town has to offer to you for your taste buds, so go and make the most of it!