SwingU APP review for apple watch


Apple Watch: A Perfect iPhone partner

Its been five years since apple is manufacturing Digital Smart Watches, and recently, they launched Apple Watch Serie 5. The newly launched Apple Watch Series 5 seems is the one of the best smartwatches you can wear at present. Apple never disappoints its customers when it comes to innovation and design. The Series 5 watch is the first smartwatch with always-on retina display from Apple that always displays time, earlier when you are not looking at the screen, the display appears blank. People will consider it a joke if i say Apple Smartwatch can now tell time, all the time, but it is true.

The watch not only shows the time while being inactive, but Series 5 shows you what time it is but provides a dimmer version of the information. As the apple watches work with iPhone 6s and new, it helps the company generate an alternate revenue stream. The apple watch lets you take care of your heart by always monitoring your heart rate and heart rhythm on the inbuilt ECG app.

Comparing to the last Apple Watch, i.e., Apple series 4, series 5 has three primary advantages that incudes, Always-on Display, International Emergency Calling, and in-built compass. Additional features include a noise measuring app that helps in identifying unnecessary and harmful sound effects.

A glimpse of Series 5 watch specifications

  • The first in segment Always-on Retina display and 3D touch glass which is 1.78 inches in size
  • The cellular-enabled version of the watch can help you use it as a smartphone when the phone is not near you. It can help you in making calls and getting to your texts.
  • The watch can act as an independent device and a companion to the iPhone with features like Heartbeat monitor, Noice control, and ECG scanner.
  • The Series 5 watch is meant for travel and fitness enthusiasts as Apple has added a lot of helpful features for them only.
  • The first apple watch to provide an in-built accurate compass that helps when you lost track of the direction.
  • The Apple Watch is waterproof up to 50 meters that offer an exceptional swimming experience.
  • The watch is light, and the bands are soft, providing a comfortable wearing experience which some swiss watchmakers cannot offer.

The best Golf App for Apple Watch: SwingU

SwingU app is one of the best performing, reliable, and easy to use golf app for apple watch users who also have an interest in Golf. The latest version of the app is available in the App Store and provides several operations that enhance the game’s frequency.

The app provides you information about the distances to greens and every obstacle in between using GPS Rangefinder. The digital scorecard helps in tracking scores and updating them in real-time—the app posts daily tips and tricks that help you get better at the game.

Apple Watch Series 5 is leading in the smartwatches market because of various first in class features. However, the watch still lacks in some features like Sleep Tracking and longer battery life, which the competitors are offering. Apple’s upcoming Series 6 watch may include the features which are not available in the Series 5.