THE AMERICAN DREAM: The Ultimate Simulated Reality Game


The American Dream (TAD) is a new life simulator gaming app that allows player to make real money, buy real purchase and play through a variety of exciting missions. TAD is an innovative blend between real life and gaming as players will lead their character through the virtual world and interact with other players. They can run for office, apply for jobs, buy homes, and make life-altering decisions.

Player will also have to communicate with and react to the events put into motion by real-time actors who portrays non-playable characters. Madame President, Dpr, Lord Kingberry, IAMHIM, and more.

These characters have a free reign to do as the please choosing which character the player aligns with will completely alter the game play into an uncharted, and unscripted journey.

Who will enjoy TAD:

  • Gamers of all ages
  • People who want to make extra money
  • Adventure seeker
  • Philanthropist
  • Non-profit
  • Small business owners

Not only does TAD have the “mission text storyline,” TAD has a uniquely produced mini-series, which follows the journey of your favorite TAD characters: IAMHIM, DPR, Madame President, Lord Kingsberry, and many more in the near future.

Features of TAD:

  • An enormous online world controlled in almost every aspect by the players living within it.
  • Interact with non-player characters whose actions are created by live actors
  • Action and fun around every corners in 14 mission cities
  • Make money with no limits on your earning potential
  • Acquire weapons
  • Buy real world items
  • Start wars
  • Run for political offices
  • Test you your skill in 20 interactive missions
  • Start your business

Players can also earn money through action style sales and playing one of many dreamstakes. Just like in real life, players will have to keep an eye on their health and strive to get amazing jobs.

Tad’s mini-series will have “character introduction” videos. TAD has over 15 live characters that will be introduced within the next few months. All of TAD’s mini series’ videos will be a part of the immense story line. It is up to the player to dissect these videos for critical information. Or simply sit back and enjoy TAD’s story.