Is it important to learn SEO to understand how search engine works?


Many times you have thought of joining professional SEO courses or establishing your career as SEO expert – but, each time you have taken your steps back after thinking of the complex SEO structures, technical terms, and the broadness of digital world. Do you know that you are being followed by an unknown fear? Yes, you are right, and the basic fact is – anyone can learn SEO.

What are search engines and SEO?

What is so important about Google? How is it different from Yahoo and Bing? Essentially, what search engines do is collect information and content from the entire web and save it to a database. Search engine works on these three basic principles –

  • Size of your database.
  • How they determine which pages are relevant.
  • Specialization in markets / content type.

Now that you know how search engine works, you must also know what SEO is. SEO is search engine optimization. This technique is directly linked with search engine. If you have a business, and want to promote your brand through your website, you may want your website to appear in search result. How will you do that? It is the SEO which is responsible to show your website in the search result. If your website comes in the first page search result it means you have genuine quality SEO. However, being on the search result depends on several aspects. This is why modern companies seek to hire professional SEO experts or analysts. So, if you want to become the professional SEO analyst, you must seek help from Tommy KOH SEO trainer Singapore. Google dominates the market by the large size of its index, as well as the way it calculates the relevance of a page, that is, its algorithm.

How does Google work?

Here you have a simplified version of the entire search process, divided into three parts – tracking, indexing and returning queries.

Tracking – Google tracks your search results by connecting you with backlinks from one to several other webpages.

Indexing – After finding pages on the web, Google extracts data from them and save, or “index” said data in the Google database, and then be displayed in the search results.

Search results – When you do a Google search query, it searches your database among the pages that are most relevant to your query and presents them as search results. This relevance is determined by its algorithm.