Top 5 Ottawa web design trends for 2020


Web design trends are constantly changing. There are endless possibilities for Ottawa web design trends and we are seeing designers put a lot of creativity and innovation in designs for building eye-catching and useful websites for users. Ottawa web design trends in 2020 promise a mix of visual high-end graphics along with high-end technologies. Let’s look at the top 5 trends that are expected to dominate 2020:

  1. Collaboration of photos and illustrations 

You may have come across websites that have a lot of photos and illustrations as their graphics. This web design model is popular everywhere for a reason, and Ottawa is no different. Hand-drawn simple 2D illustrations may also be used as visual elements on websites to create a significant impact.

  1. Black and white web designs 

Black and white websites are trendy designs that are still the hottest trend in Ottawa in 2020, just like last year. They offer a clean and simple look and feel to the website. Most Ottawa web design companies will carefully consider black and white designs for the websites to create a minimalistic look. 

  1. 3D elements and motion effects 

3D elements can be used in Ottawa web design to impress the visitors and the users of the website. It is important to select the right depth of graphics and use the right digital technology for your website when creating an engaging website. 

  1. Use of white space

Using white space throughout the website may provide a sense of serenity to the site. Use of extra white space on  web pages in contrast with other colors can be a good idea, as white can be used with any color. Add margins or a noticeable part of your web design aesthetic that can be more easily noticed by the users, in Ottawa and elsewhere. 

  1. Bold colors 

If you are a fan of bold colors, you might want to choose immersive, bright colors to stand out from your competitors in Ottawa. This web design model can grab the users’ attention and engage them for a longer period of time. You can use brilliant and deep colors for the images and fonts too. 

If you are looking for web design services in Ottawa, you should do some research in the market and seek out the latest trends in the industry. Keep an eye on what your competitors do and follow the best trends so that you can stay ahead in the race. Rapid advancements in mobile technology make it important to make your website mobile-friendly. You can also focus on building mobile apps for your business to reach a wider audience. Talk to a few Ottawa web design experts and get suggestions for the best trends for 2020.