The Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PC


The Panasonic franchise is world-renowned for its appliances such as television sets, air conditioners and washing machines. It is, however, not famous for portable devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers. The major contributing factor to this is that the portable devices market is completely flooded and there are quite a few manufacturers that own a considerable stake in this market. To stand out in this saturated market, you must develop a product that is unique and extraordinary. Panasonic accomplished this by coming up with the Toughbook tablet PC, which has found its market gap.

What is the Toughbook?

In addition to being a powerful and extremely dependable portable device, the Panasonic Toughbook is the toughest tablet PC currently available on the market. It was developed to withstand situations where the normal mobile device would not survive. By being capable of surviving prevailing harsh environmental setups, translates to reduced cost of carrying out repairs and buying of replacements. There is also a reduced risk of losing one’s important data.

Pros of the Toughbook

– Most manufacturers did not keep in mind the harsh prevailing environmental set up that their consumers live in when designing their mobile devices. The development of the Panasonic Toughbook keenly took this into consideration. Normal laptops lose their data or start lagging in case they are inadvertently dropped or encounter liquid spillages. The Toughbook can survive all this without a fuss.

– The Toughbook experiences the lowest rate failure out of all available laptops. In comparison to regular portable computers that experience a failure rate of 21 %, the Toughbook has a surprisingly low rate established at 2.99%. This clearly indicates the longevity the Toughbook offers.

– Research shows that ownership of a Panasonic Toughbook translates to better satisfaction. When it comes PCs that are on sale, the Toughbook has a significantly lower annual ownership cost. This translates to a lot of savings over time, resulting in an overall better consumer experience.

Cons of the Toughbook

– The pricing of the Toughbook is its major disadvantage. It costs around two to three times as much as a normal computer tablet. However, this purchasing price is easily offset by the savings experienced by the multiple financial and non-financial advantages accumulated overtime from using the device.

In summary

The Panasonic Toughbook is not you every day mobile PC. It was built in consideration of a specific target group, who will definitely be satisfied by buying it. The Toughbook is built with high quality hardware and the latest software technology, and thus, in addition to its tough features, it also excels in the performance sector.