What Is Digital Signage


Have you ever been waiting in the Doctors office, thumbing through their subscription magazines, or scrolling through your phone to pass the time? Imagine if there were entertaining and informative snippets of video broadcasting on a smart TV while you wait? If the content were right, it would engage you, drive brand awareness, and show you products and services that you probably didn’t know this doctor’s office offered. That is something we call captive marketing, and if you own a business, you should highly consider digital signage for your office or waiting room. Keep reading to learn more, or visit Retail Motion digital signage for a more in-depth guide to in-office captive marketing.

Is Digital Signage Right For Your Business

Anyone that has foot traffic to their place of business and an area where people wait for any duration of time should consider this a must-have marketing tool for your business. Is it right for your business, absolutely! Even if foot traffic is minimal, you should be making the most of every opportunity that passes through those doors. They are there, in your place of business, buying o inquiring about your products and services. What better place to continue educating and informing your audience than when you have their attention right in your office. Yes, digital signage is right for your business.

Maintaining Your Message Brand Consistency

There are very few places where you can truly control what others read about your business. The internet is full of fake reviews, false claims, and misleading information. Some industries are extremely cutthroat, and anything goes online. When your clients are in your place of business, you control the information that is being broadcasted to them. This is an opportunity for you to express your appreciation for their business, educate them on products and services, and even promote client testimonials. Everyone has a cellphone with a camera, capturing a client testimonial while they are in the office is easier than ever. This is great content to broadcast in your office, and it can be repurposed to the internet. Doing this will allow you to maintain your brand message, identity, and keep brand consistency with your other marketing channels.

Digital Signage Isn’t Just For Customers

Many businesses create campaigns that broadcast specifically to their customers. While this is an effective use of technology, you can also use it to communicate with employees. Yes, create snippets of content that can become friendly reminders or feature star employees, and welcome new hires. Digital signage can be used for so many different things, and these are just some of the more common uses.

What Technology is Behind Digital Signage

Some business owners shy away from the investment because the technology seems intimidating. The truth is that most of the content management systems out there have been developed as a drag and drop interface. Imagine having a library of pre-produced music beds, images, frames, banners, and special fx. These template-based systems make it very easy to create a custom campaign using pre-produced content with simple drag and drop technology. These days you just need a smart TV with an internet connection and a top box to stream the content from. It’s pretty simple, and installation can happen within a few hours.

Time To Invest in Digital Signage

This is a simple solution that can generate more sales at the point of purchase. Captive marketing is about grabbing the attention of your audience while they are there, investing, and spending money. Purchase the smart TV, subscribe to a CMS and start building your custom lobby broadcast in just a few days.