The Website and the best Establishment with the Perfect Design


The establishment of a website can have several motivations, base of notoriety, commercial support, market development, online store. All these needs do not implement the same aspects or marketing techniques. We must understand the need, advise you on the solutions, and help you to draw up a specification (even minimal) which will clearly express this need.

The analysis of your competitors (or colleagues) is also very important. Either they have been on the internet longer than you have, and their experience can serve you, or their occult presence is yours, and here again, studying their website can bring you profitable ideas. It is not a question of copying, but of taking advantage of the experience of others to progress.

In the same way, our team spends a lot of time “watching” on the internet, studying the achievements of others, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions they have implemented. This allows us not to be overwhelmed by others, and to develop new ideas. For the best web design this is important.

One last important point: how will your site age?

During our experience, we have seen many sites disappear under their own image: too old, too modern, too modest, too pretentious?

We cannot predict the life of a site, but we can anticipate future changes, by projecting ourselves with our customers in their own development. For the responsive websites this is important.

The work very regularly with the clients on website redesign projects and the starting point is often the same: sites that are poorly positioned on search engines, Web ergonomics problems that make it difficult to access relevant information to the user and limit sales and requests for information, Google Analytics statistics biased by bad settings that make data analysis difficult in other words, sites that do not perform at their full potential.

Over time, our Web marketing team has developed a methodological framework that allows us to produce websites that perform as soon as they are launched.

The personas

It is essential to understand from the start of the mandate to whom the website will be addressed. For this reason, we draw up in close collaboration with our client the personas of its typical clients. It is then important to place these personas and their issues at the heart of the strategic decisions that will be made at each stage of the project. This ensures that the site is aimed at the right people, with the right terms and answers to their questions, and that it offers relevant modes of interaction. This also makes it possible to facilitate the positioning of the site on the queries that personas would be likely to make on a search engine. For the perfect modern website designs  this is important.

The web business intelligence audit (the website and its ecosystem)

During a redesign, we are fortunate to have available the data from the previous website which serve as a starting point. Although Google Analytics settings and conversion tracking are not always in place, website auditing usually provides a great deal of valuable information, such as:


  • Queries that bring visitors to the website
  • Information on visitor demographics
  • The positioning of the site in search engines
  • Traffic statistics and in particular the number of visits and their origin (acquisition channel), the types of devices used to connect to the site.
  • The conversion rate of the website, depending on its objectives


There are website problems that often hinder good positioning in search engines (duplicated content, slow site, presence of toxic referral links, poor metadata optimization, broken links, absence of sitemap, etc.)