Three Ways To Prevent Getting Your Instagram Account From Being Hacked


Getting hacked is scary, but as much that it is. It’s as real as it can be and that is because that is also a product of the world wide web and the advancements of human evolution. In everything, there is good and bad (yin and yang). It’s simply the natural order of things. What’s good about it is that you know that it’s happening and real, thus you also will be able to find means in order to prevent that from happening.

In medical terms, prevention is better than cure and that actually applies to the various things that you have in life including passwords. So if you want people not to hack you, you also need to make sure that you’re not an easy target.

Have a secure password: One of the best ways to secure your account is to secure your password. Like having a password that is not common or not related to your username or your personal information. It should also contain a mix of caps, small letters, numbers, and special characters. Aside from that, it should also be advisable to have a different password on the various places that you access from apps to websites. That way, if one account gets hacked, that should not be likely to your other accounts since it doesn’t have any connection including similar passwords to your other accounts.


Never share your access: The best way to prevent getting hacked is to never share your access. This is something that you really need to consider especially if your household is using a shared desktop computer at home and you are even letting other people use that.

Wipe clean a device that you want to dispose of: With technology these days, changing your computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile device from a year or two is common. With how companies trying to push out new technology and better software and hardware, you buying new products is highly likely. So if you plan on disposing of or giving your gadgets that have your personal details in them, you should wipe them clean or reformat them. So that you can be assured that what you disposed of is safe to throw or give. Keep in mind that even if you throw it, there are still people that will be able to salvage your device or its parts and if it has your data in it, it’s safe to assume that these people have the capacity to see it.

Getting hacked especially Instagram and especially if you are Instagram is an income generator can suck and although there are many ways to get that sorted. It’s still way better if you took care of that beforehand. There are ways for you to do it like the ones mentioned above and if all else fails, check out how to hack an Instagram account.