Website Design and Marketing Strategies for 2020



The beginning of a new year is always a good time to think about website changes that you might mention to your clients. Changing some things can assist clients with more visitors to their websites. Since Scottsdale Web Design Agency is all about new things, here a few that you might want your clients to consider. 

Split-screen design

A split-screen design is appealing visually and has plenty of practical applications for any website. For example, a client can use half the screen to show products or showcase new products and the other half for offering details about which item to buy or to add a “add to cart” button. 

Thumb-driven navigation

This is navigation with the goal to make it comfortable for visitors to check on content while using mobile devices. Studies are showing that more and more people are doing all their computing with their smartphones, so websites need to be better able to allow them to navigate any site using their thumb.

Tweak online forms

More and more “form abandonment” is a user behavior that a tweak of your client’s forms could reduce for 2020. Evidence has suggested that more forms get completed when the forms are easy for visitors to fill out and have less fields. Spend some time verifying each item of data that is requested on a form and see if it is really needed. 

Larger forms

You can take this a bit further and think about the benefits of offering forms that are full screen. Again, most people are on mobile-devices now and a larger size form helps visitors to avoid any mistakes, such as entering the wrong information in the wrong box. 

These are just a few items to suggest for your clients at Scottsdale Advertising Agency to update their websites for 2020. It can also be a good marketing strategy for your agency.