Parental Controls: Keep a Check on Your Teen’s Private Phone Calls


Teen’s obsession with technology is real. They are super obsessed with smartphones. Take away their phones from them for a while and you will be amazed to see how anxious they become. The truth is, they cannot imagine their lives without smartphones.

No matter where they go, they are going to take their cell phones along with them. What makes parents even more concerned is that most teens are secretive about their cell phone activity. They keep their social media life private and do not discuss it with anyone.

The same goes fortheir phone calls. The advent of social media and instant messaging apps have allowed teens to make audio and video calls by using the WIFI internet connection. The bad news is that parents won’t be able to know anything about their teen’s private phone calls unless they are using parental control apps to track them.

In this article, we are going to understand why parents need to keep track of their teens’ phone calls and how they can monitor them in the best way possible.

The Need to Track Teens’ Phone Calls

When teens’ phone activities go unnoticed by their parents, it is likely for them to come across several threats. Often, teens post their personal information on social media platforms including their phone number without realizing that their information can be accessed by everyone on their friends’ list.

Unconsciously, teens add strangers to their social media accounts and this is where the problem arises. Strangers, especially online predators, are always hunting for teens on social media to make them victims of their vicious intentions. Seeing teens’ phone numbers available on social media allows predators to reach out to them easily.

They can initiate the conversation with teens by simply sending them a text message. They try to become friends with them by gaining their trust and confidence gradually. Teens thinking that they have got genuine friends on social media start having blind trust in them.

In the next move, predators demand teens to have phone calls with them. In fact, they encourage them to have video calls with them. While having video calls, they demand teens to take off their clothes or ask them to perform sexual acts in front of the camera. Most predators record these video calls only to blackmail teensand their families at a later stage. In other cases, they sell these videos to the dark web in exchange for a lucrative amount.

That is how harmful and dangerous online predators can be for your teen’s mental and physical health. Your teens can get involved with a stranger on the internet and start having private audio and video calls with them. The only way of ensuring your teens do not engage with strangers is by keeping a track of all their phone calls.

Besides online predators, cyberbullies can also target your teens and threaten them through phone calls. Once a bully gets access to your teen’s phone number, they can send them threatening and hurtful messaging their way. These harmful messages can crush your teen’s confidence and cause them to have feelings of depression and anxiety. In worse cases, cyberbullying can also cause them to have suicidal thoughts.

If you do not want your teens to become prey to sexual predators or bullies, then you need to start tracking their phone calls to see whether or not someone is harassing or threatening them.

Parental control and monitoring apps can be used to monitor your teen’s incoming and outgoing phone calls. Let us understand how parental control apps can secure your teen from harmful dangers that come in the form of online predators.

How Parental Control Apps Secure Your Teen

Now that it is clear why every parent needs to monitor their teen’s phone calls, let us also learn how they can keep track of their phone activity.

A parental control app is designed to monitor, manage, and control your teen’s smartphone usage. With the help of an effective parental control app, you can restrict your teen from doing a lot of things that you deem unsuitable for them.

The parental control app enables every parent to keep track of their teen’s incoming and outgoing phone calls remotely. It becomes much easier to see who calls your teen and at what time. In case you come across a phone number that seems unfamiliar to you, you can simply put that number on the block list so they can never reach your teen again. By blocking unknown contacts, you can prevent your teen from engaging with strangers.

The parental control app displays the entire list of all incoming and outgoing phone calls on your teen’s smartphone. Even if a phone call was deleted from their phone, you can see check the phone number of the person who attempted to call your teen and also check the call duration.  

Most parental control apps support leading mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Depending on what smartphone your teen is using, you can choose the parental control app and start tracking their phone calls.

Parental control solutions help when you want to keep your teens away from harmful online dangers such as sexual predators and cyberbullying. By monitoring your teen’s phone activity, you can be well informed about these threats in advance and take necessary measures to protect your teens.

Make sure you get your hands on the best parental control app. Stay away from fake parental control apps because there are loads of them out there to deceive you. Go through the app’s official website and read all about their features, terms, and conditions.

Last but not least, do not forget to talk about these online dangers with your teens. Educate your teens about online dangers and how they can affect them in the worst way possible. Ensure that your teens have privacy settings enabled on their social media accounts and that they do not share their personal information especially home address and contact number with everyone. It is important that your teens know how to use the internet and social media safely and responsibly. All the best!