Maillist App For the best Reminder Options of the Bookmarks


Opening multiple bookmarks on a browser is well known and we think everyone is practicing. However, you cannot open as many bookmarks as you want, otherwise the pc will start to show signs of weakness and the browser may eventually crash. On the Chrome side, we have tested extensions many times to manage the open bookmarks a bit and it is time to give an overview of all the techniques discovered so far. The Maillist app happens to be the best option there now.

So today we suggest some ways to manage the bookmarks on chrome.

First Advice: Try Not To Open Too Many Bookmarks

Each open bookmark corresponds to almost as many open browsers. For cultural reasons, press the shortcut key to see all the processes running on your pc. It is sometimes impressive. In the following figure, you can see that 130 processes are running on our pc, that we use 18% of the CPU and that the physical memory is 67%.

Reducing the number of open bookmarks will therefore reduce the number of processes. QED. Note that not all bookmarks take the same memory and CPU space, as it all depends on what is running on the page. A flash game will take much more memory than a simple static htmal page like a wikipedia page.

Right Click On The Folders In The Bookmarks Bar.

To reopen a series of pages at once, we use our favorites bar. In the following example, we went to the folder (DV: video) then we right-clicked on the folder (Trending). You can open all the favorites that appear in this sub-folder with three options (same window, new window, or private browsing). Now with the Maillist app you can come up with the best and easy choices to manage and remind the bookmarks easily.

Fiddling With Chrome: // Flags /

So type chrome: // flags / in the omnibar and you will see some strange things appear. These are experimental features of chromium. The list is huge, you can have fun experimenting with them one by one. In our problem to solve, we will activate the functionality “Windows overlay bookmarks”. The size of the bookmarks is never reduced. When there is insufficient space, the bookmarks are overlapped.

We can see that the bookmarks are stacked on different sides of the browser and we can therefore navigate on the bookmarks a bit like on a carousel.

Use Extensions

Some extensions are very practical to be able to manage the many open bookmarks. Indeed, when there are too many open bookmarks the size of the bookmarks decreases in proportion to the number of open bookmarks. In the following figure we can see that it is impossible to know what is open in the browser, it will therefore be necessary to use extensions.


This extension allows you to see the open bookmarks in a list. Just click on the extension icon to display the list. In this list it is also possible to see the last closed bookmarks which are rather practical. We can even do a search in the “Search” bookmarks.

One Bookmark

The bookmark management rolls which allow you to manage the history of closed bookmarks, create bookmarks of closed bookmarks and restore them all if you want. It is possible to put stars on the series of closed bookmarks to find them later. You can find the full user manual on the related article relieve it when using chrome prove the productivity.