10 Things you should do before hiring a Google web designer


It is important to hire a Google Web Designer to make your online content good and engaging. But before hiring a web designer you must follow the important tips given in this post. It will be easy to break down and you will soon be able to make the right decision before hiring a web designer. Don’t forget to visit our website https://vimi.co/ to get in touch with us.

1. Decide on the number of webpages that you want

Before hiring a web designer, remember it takes great effort just to create one page. Decide on the number of webpages that you need. Create a list before hand and sum it up!

2. Functionality of your website

Jot down the important content and points that you need to have. For example, whether you need postings/give service/sell/appointments etc. Before you hire a Google Web Designer, it is important to create the list of functionality of your website.

3. Niche and platform

Deciding a niche for your website is also important. The whole design will be based on your niche. Before you hire, make sure you choose the platform where it can get hosted. You could also ask for the designer’s advice but still making your own survey might be beneficial.

4. Budget

Set your budget before hand as every designer will be charging different amount.

5. Agreement and Contract

Before hiring a designer, create an agreement so that you and the designer are on the same page, with a common goal.

6. Images and Videos

It is important to gather the images and videos that you would like to use in the website. You cannot use any copyrighted images/videos, so make sure to obtain them by professionals or purchased outright.

7. Links

If you have any links or emails associated with the site then make sure it works by testing it.

8. Launch Plan

Before you can hire a Google Web Designer make sure you have your plan ready. Like, the ultimate goal, events, etc. Make it social media shareable.

9. Purpose

Make sure your pages have a purpose. Set the goals of each page and how any visitors will be benefited with them. Add FAQs, product/service details etc.

10. Vision

All said and done, don’t forget to make point out the vision of your website. Jot down all that you need in your web pages and decide what colours you could use, fonts, slogans, line and how you are going to market it.