Why Is Shared Web Hosting A Good Choice For The Start-Ups?


Shared web hosting is considered the best and cheapest web hosting service. It’s usually the first choice of start-up businesses because it’s inexpensive, reliable, and easy to work with. Shared hosting can host as many as hundreds and thousands of websites on a single shared server.

Shared web hosting is shared between many users. If shared web hosting has remained to be the preferred choice for most businesses, then what are its benefits? Let’s find out.

It’s a beginner’s hosting:

When you begin your business, a lot of financial investment is required. Hosting is one of the inevitable things a business required to set up its foundation. Shared web hosting gives as per the financial perspective. It’s inexpensive. However, it comes with certain limitations. A web server is shared among several users at a time. So, your website can’t load heavy traffic. It’s good for the start, but when your business grows, it is appropriate to switch to a featured hosting service.


Shared web hosting providers offer several permanent servers to their clients. This ensures that your websites remain permanent and you can access them at any time. It doesn’t matter if someone else is using your shared server. The server will be there for as long as you need it. When shared resources are shared by many users, it goes without saying that shared resources are taxed. But, shared web hosting still comes with a good amount of resources available for shared use.


Shared web hosting has limited functionality and it doesn’t allow high-end features such as PHP or MySQL databases. It is the cheapest way to get your website online, but it also restricts you from doing more advanced things such as hosting large files and databases. shared web hosting is most suitable for non-profit organizations or blogs, small businesses, and personal websites.

It’s reliable:

Shared web hosting service providers undergo stress tests regularly to ensure that the shared server they are providing is up and running on all occasions. With shared web hosting, you will never experience downtime since there are multiple servers working parallel for a single shared hosting account. Hence, shared web hosting is the best choice for small business owners who wish to run their online business without worrying about server issues.

It’s inexpensive:

Shared web hosting has a remarkably low cost and it’s even cheaper when you choose a shared hosting plan that offers unlimited domains, bandwidth, and data transfer.

When shared hosting services offer unlimited domains, it means that you can host as many websites as you want for a single shared web hosting plan. If shared hosting offers unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, then the shared server is capable of providing unlimited bandwidth to each website hosted by this shared web hosting account.


Shared web hosting has a single control panel which is very easy to use. You can choose where you’ll host your shared web hosting account. The shared web hosting control panel is the interface that allows you to view, update and configure shared accounts hosted by a shared web hosting provider.

There are also shared account features that will make it easier for you to manage multiple shared accounts.

Many shared web hosting companies will also allow you to install scripts on a shared host, which means that you can install one script on a shared server and it’ll be used by all the websites hosted from that shared web hosting account.


The shared hosting plan is for people who don’t have enough money to purchase their own personal dedicated or virtual private server. It might have some limitation, but it offers sufficient and pretty good features at the start.

If you have enough funds, then you can certainly choose a features and best hosting type. Otherwise, starting with the shared web hosting is not a good idea either. You will get plenty of experience of using hosting service, and what features of a web host plays a key role. You may use all the information further, when you plan to buy new hosting service.