7 ways of using graphics & imagery on your website  


Visual content has always been applicable in marketing. In compared to text, the graphics are more powerful medium to convey ideas and messages. It grabs viewer’s attention rapidly. Graphics, images, and videos, etc. are used and included in almost every segment of business. 

A website is the virtual address of a business that allows the viewers to know about you vision and aims. It is one of the most important parts of a marketing campaign. To make it more appealing, it is important to use the graphics and imagery in an efficient manner. 

  1. Quality makes a difference

You must focus on the quality of images. Use huge-size, pixel perfect and high resolution images. When it comes to size, it depends on your concept but it should be proficient to make an impact. It displays a professional approach and creates a good impression. 

  1. Use relevant pictures 

The imagery must be appropriate to your brand, services and products. For examples, if you are selling beer, the images include bubbles, ice cubes, along with real images of drinks. The graphics must motivate the potential buyers to know more about your brand and products. 

  1. Pick call-to-action images

Smartly choose some images that encourage the visitors to act. The graphics are not just to improve the appearance but to play a tangible role. Ask a Graphic Design Company in India to get the best graphics for your brand. 

  1. Tell your audience that you are exceptional 

There is a huge competition in the market and to grab the viewer’s attention you should look exceptional. Graphics can help you to stand out of the crowd. Get the graphics with a high level of exclusivity that let your audiences know that you are exceptional. 

  1. Go with smart imagery than text 

Online visitors don’t enjoy reading heavy text pages but the visuals hook them like nothing else. The eyes tend to stare on imagery than long text. Replace the text with some smart graphical elements and images to create great impact. 

  1. Go with trend – GIFs 

Adding some moving images and info graphics instead of regular pictures, can magnetize the potential clients pretty quickly. GIFs are used by experts to give a life to boring data. It allows you to demonstrate highlights multiple aspects of your products and services. 

  1. Don’t just focus on look, get the visual elements  optimized 

Adding striking images is not enough. To make them key drivers of success, get the graphics and images optimized and be in top image searches. 

Hire a graphic and Website Design Company in India to make a website extraordinary as per your expectations.