Three Ways Technology Is Changing Web Design


The world as we know it is changing. The thriving world of web and web design across the world has 4.4 billion inhabitants and 1.8 billion websites is no different, in fact, it is rapidly evolving. Each year, a new technological tool comes along to disrupt parts of, or the entire system as we know it, until a new innovative idea becomes an instant trend.

Look at Apple. When the company introduced the iPhone back in 2007, very few of us could have ever predicted that it would change our lives and have such a significant impact on the world of web design. 11 years down the line, no one could have thought that Google would launch mobile-first indexing focusing on websites friendly to smartphone devices over desktop-only ones. Today, iPhones along with Google’s ingenuity, millions of users have stopped treating smartphones as another device for sending SMS texts and making calls, but as a source of connecting with the world through the internet. 

And just like that, responsive web design was born!

Web developers quickly had to design websites for more than one screen. Will millions of people use iPhones to access the Internet, they need to relook how websites appear on comparably tiny smartphone screens.

Today, these technologies managed to reinvent web design and leave some design trends as nostalgia. The rapid pace at which technology is changing and developing, the influence on the web is more significant. Here are some interesting examples of the changing world of technology and web design.

·         Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Have Become a Must

With internet traffic exceeding from mobile devices as opposed to the desktop, it’s safe to say that a mobile-first approach is here to stay. Mobile Indexing updates to Google’s algorithms assure websites with mobile-friendly designs will be prioritised by search engines like Google, so having this mind-set and keeping up with the pace is a definite must for online businesses.

·         Voice Search

An absolute favourite with many people, voice search is going nowhere any time soon. Both voice search and Accelerated Mobile Pages are related – with more people using voice search, the internet is rising rapidly, making sure that you’re optimised for it is critical especially for web designers.

This web feature makes life convenient and is a user-friendly alternative to typing, so it is safe to say that we can expect more upgrades in the coming years.

Reports from publications such as Forbes mention that half of all online searches will be carried out through voice search, and today, this has never been more correct. Additionally, voice search has changed the way websites are made, and this is what web developers have had to consider to make their business website is voice-friendly:

1.    Your page website needs to allow the most important and relevant content to shine. 30% of people using voice search automatically call businesses once they’ve used the voice search feature based on their findings. Therefore, designing an eCommerce website needs to consider all this.

2.    Your website needs to be optimised for mobile so that it remains responsive on multiple devices. Your website’s loading time needs to be minimalized. Voice search need to be almost instant. People want answers, NOW, and they aren’t afraid of moving to the next best website to give them what they want in a fraction of the time it took to get your offerings.

Websites with fast loading speeds have a far greater chance of ranking higher on search engines, because Google considers page speed an essential ranking factor for mobile. 

·         Look Out for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A new technology born out of necessity to meet the growing needs of mobile internet users, this app came about. The app-like website that packs the punch of web technology combined with the benefits of native environments and the web.

The purpose of a PWA is to ensure native app-like websites have an experience on the web. This “future of mobile web, is a great way to ensure web designs have an inability of responsive design to support progressive enhancements.

The future of web design is looking brighter than ever before. Many businesses and industries are taking advantage of web design services in Canberra, and so should you. Get in touch with our professional web design specialists at Smart Finch Marketing about your needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.