What to Expect From Network Maintenance


Network administrators complete invaluable tasks that keep company networks operating as expected and lower common risks. Network maintenance requires the administrators to monitor the entire network and fix problems as they arise. It also involves maintaining security schemes set up to protect the network.

Configuring and Installing New Hardware or Software

Configuring and installing new hardware or software helps the company gets the best installation possible. Network administrators understand how to complete the task properly and ensure the installations work properly. The new installations are monitored for quality and functionality.

Monitoring and Managing the Network’s Performance

Monitoring and managing the network’s performance helps the administrator ensure that all workers have access to the network and its services. The administrators review how the network functions and its accessibility. They correct any problems that arise throughout the workday and set up new accounts for new workers.

Setting Up Plans for Company Growth and Expansion

Setting up plans for company growth and expansion helps the company prevents any slowdowns when the company wants to open a new location. New network design is set up to accommodate all workers at all locations and ensure the workers have access to the network. The administrators troubleshoot any problems that arise with the new setup. Typically, if the design must accommodate more than one building, the administrator sets up a WAN for the company. Businesses that want more details about the network maintenance services are encouraged to contact a Network Installation Provider colfax ca such as Viavi Solutions now.

Documenting Network Logs and Data

Documenting network logs and data helps the company keep track of any issues that have appeared and determine how they were remedied. The log also shows any time that a hacker attempted to gain access to the network or its files. Network administrators generate reports to keep the network log as updated as possible and keep track of all events that could threaten the network, files, and the company. All documentation is stored in a safe location where the network administrator can review it any time and provide updated information to the company as needed.

Maintaining Compliance With Standards and Regulations

Maintaining compliance with standards and regulations prevents the company from facing any issues such as legal penalties. All network configurations and installations must meet the federal standards and regulations to protect confidential information and prevent a security breach. Companies that conduct business outside of the US must follow the federal regulations for each company where products are sold to prevent severe penalties. The network administrator must stay abreast of the latest information about the new laws and regulations.

Network administrators manage all network maintenance for their company and keep the network operating correctly. All security schemes and standards are maintained daily. Administrators set up new configurations for hardware and software installed on the network. Company expansions are also managed through administrators. Reviewing what to expect from network administration and maintenance helps companies decide if they want on-site services or outsourced options.