How to increase sales from digital advertisements?


Many business owners have already understood that advertising on Google is an excellent way to prospect customers. However, to increase sales with digital advertisements, it is necessary to use the Advertising Services in the right direction. Many companies end up losing their money because they don’t use the right keywords, they don’t measure results, or they don’t have digital marketing experts. To avoid this, we have prepared these five tips for you.

Define your target audience

In traditional marketing, it is common for business owners to want the ad to be seen by as many people as possible. In the digital environment, this is not the best approach. A great advantage and aim of digital advertising is the possibility of targeting the target audience. So take this opportunity to target your ad to those who have a real chance of becoming a customer. Segment your audience by location, keyword, interest, device, etc. Usually, you have to do some tests until you find the patterns that generate a reasonable conversion rate.

Choose the right keywords.

Keywords are the heart of all Google searches and define who will appear first. Therefore, the choice of keywords deserves a lot of attention. Analyze the words related to your business and try to mix the most popular terms with the least searched terms, as the word’s popularity also determines its price. Don’t also forget to identify unwanted terms. If you sell new and bespoke furniture, you can include “used” or “semi-new” as negative words. Thus, when the user is looking for furniture that is not new, they will not find your ad.

Bet on Remarketing

Remarketing is the Digital Marketing Services tool that allows you to redisplay an ad to someone who has already been impacted by it. It could be that person who abandoned the cart at the time of purchase, who arrived at your Landing Page and then closed it etc. Using Remarketing can be an excellent strategy to attract back someone who was very close to buying and ended up giving up.

Defining What is Digital Advertising and Why You Need It

Track the results

It is a widespread mistake that can throw your money down the drain. Monitoring the results is essential to understand which campaigns and actions are efficient and which have not brought results. Measure not only visits but also conversions, the average ticket, and everything else that is relevant to your business. Google Analytics can be a great ally to check the reach, responsiveness, and efficiency of your ads, Landing Page, and promotions.

Count on specialized professionals

Digital advertising has a series of potent tools, composed of a multitude of variables, possibilities, and opportunities. Therefore, dealing with it is a task for professionals. Count on the help of an agency specialized in this type of advertisement to outline the best strategies, define objectives, and measure results. With the support of qualified people, you have real chances of increasing sales with digital advertisements.

Use paid advertising to gain reach.

One of the main advantages of digital marketing for your business is that paid advertising is very accessible and practical. Allow your ad to reach precisely the people who would be willing to buy your product, which is not the case with traditional advertising. It gives you an idea of the importance of involving your business with digital devices. A radio ad indeed reaches millions of people, but if they do not represent your market segment, they will not become sales. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become tools to distribute targeted advertising. Users share many demographics and preferences that make it easier for Facebook to categorize them to sell their ad space to businesses. You can also try other paid advertising platforms such as:

  • Google Ads.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Twitter.

Conclusion: Present your proposal in the appropriate media

Making use of digital marketing to increase your sales is not about being on every one of the most popular platforms. The exciting thing is to discover that each of them attracts a different user profile, and your task will be to identify the tool that best suits your proposal. We know that Instagram takes a lot of consumer attention today. However, it does not mean that your buyer persona is there. Please invest your efforts in other platforms like Pinterest or LinkedIn.

It is why, before creating a profile for your company in any social network, you must take into account aspects such as the profile of the potential customer to whom your product or service is directed. Also, what each platform is designed for: leisure, entertainment, work, education, etc.. What is the consumer profile that is registered in these types of platforms? And why does it do so: either to contact their friends, access reviews or recommendations, consume video content, images, etc.?

Increasing your sales through digital ads is not straightforward.  It is not a one day job. SO, have enough patience.