A Telltale sign of a slow internet connection is something we all are familiar with, be it a buffering of video, blank page of your browser or stuck download. Internet speed plays a significant role in our browsing experience. Internet speed testing apps comes to rescue as they can quickly tell the rate at which you are working.
Here we help you explain what a speed test is, what internet speed will be required for activities like gaming, streaming, downloading. An internet speed test tells you about data transferring speed of your device.
Upload and download speed is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). Speed test only calculates your speed at a given time. The speed of your connection can vary depending on your location, time of day or whether you’re relying on cellular internet connection or WiFi. Also visit: check my speed site

Some key information of a speed test tell you about

Latency: the time in milliseconds (ms) takes for a signal to travel to and from the internet server is known as latency or ping. Lower the value of latency, better is your gaming and video chats experience.

Download Speed: it tells you about how fast the information you request from internet reaches you. Activity like watching YouTube rely on, browsing website, or binge-watching your favorite webs series depends on your download speed.

Upload speed: for sending data to internet, upload speed plays an important role. Higher the upload speed, greater the sending documents, video calls experience is. This measurement also play role in backing up files to cloud.

A good internet speed,76.15 Mbps was the average mobile download speed in the United States as of March 2021. According to, download speed of 25 Mbps and upload speed of 3 Mbps works for most of the people. One’s personal requirements depends on factors like if you’re frequently involved in video conferencing or work from home or used internet for routine work like Email, social media etc.

Best Internet Speed Tests

Ookla Speed test
It is packed with many features like testing download speed, latency, and jitter, upload speed, measure resolution, load time, and buffering of video content. One can review the test history, real time graphs and access to a private VPN. It has the basic app which is free whereas premium version include feature like unlimited VPN and ad free. It’s also available as a web version. Furthermore, it is highly rated on the Apple and Google Play app stores.
Meteor lets one test their connection speed on different apps, such as Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Zoom. One can review the past test details. It is 4.7 rated on the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Speediest Master
User can conduct advanced ping test to check network, detect devices using Wi-Fi without permission, checking signal strength, locate a less crowded channel for Wi-Fi router. In order to avoid data usage, it keeps an eye on data usage. Speed test is available in 10 different languages. It is 4.6 rated on the Apple and 4.9 Google Play app stores.

V – speed have a Wi-Fi and mobile signal finding tool, mobile network coverage maps, options to filter and sort past results, and chooses default test servers. It is 4.6 rated on the Apple and 4.8 Google Play app stores.

SpeedS mart Speed Test
It has a simple interface and iOS version offers a Siri shortcut for starting the speed test. SpeedS mart helps in testing upload speed, latency and download speed connection. Also, available in web version. It is 4.7 rated on the Apple and 4.5 Google Play app stores.

Cloudflare Speed Test
Cloudflare’s speed test gives graphical representation for upload speed, download speed, latency, and jitter.


It has limited features, but it is fast and straight forward. Assesses user’s mobile or broadband connection anywhere in the world.

Speedof.Me runs using HTML5 both average and maximum upload, also download speeds real-time graph.

FCC Speed Test
The FCC launched a free test app in 2021 for consumers to check upload and download speeds, latency, and packet loss. Users can adjust the app settings to limit mobile data usage during testing.