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According to recent statistics, 1 billion people worldwide use Instagram every month. 63% of users log in to their accounts daily, making it clear that this is one of the most popular platforms available to marketers. It is a great place for entrepreneurs to advertise their products and services.

Instagram is proud of its metrics that confirm its enormous popularity. In addition to the statistics mentioned above, it is important to note that users of this platform will spend an average of 28 minutes a day browsing the app in 2020. A significant majority of these users follow and engage with their favorite brands through Instagram. One of Instagram’s most popular features, ‘stories’, is being used by more than 500 million people a day. In fact, 1 in 4 Millennials and Generation Z users are looking for ‘stories’ of the products or services they want to buy. This is a great way for companies to get their message across to consumers on the platform.

Approximately 65% of the population is made up of visual consumers who learn and absorb information by viewing illustrations, graphics, photos. Instagram stands out for being an image-based platform, with a lot of visual stimulation, which helps when it comes to showing and explaining your products. Instagram allows companies to build a personality for their product that fits their customer’s profile. For example, a growing online clothing store may use ‘stories’ to showcase its collection from last season and inform followers of ongoing promotions. It allows people to get to know the products and consider buying them on the platform itself, or by clicking on the post and accessing the website to learn more, see the full description, see other offers and ask questions.

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